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    Underwater Photography, but since I can't dive everyday I do other types of photography including weddings. Shy fish, shy bride, fleeting moments, telling a story...same thing.

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  1. Ive gone through Nikonos V to housed film SLR to housed DSLR that is 15 years old now. I am finally going to move to a new system. Important to me is bulk/size and an excellent viewfinder with 100% view. I am on the fence sticking with a DSLR or going mirrorless. From what I have learned, at least in the Canon ecosystem the mirrorless lenses need more time to mature and catch up to the quality of L series EF lenses. So I may go with a 5DIV housed since I have the lenses and camera already vs buy into a whole new ecosystem like the Sony A7R III. Would love to here what others think?
  2. Time has finally come....Just curious if anyone would be interested in a Seacam Housing for a Canon 1Ds Mark II. Housing and camera. Both are in very good to excellent condition and everything works. This was a $20k system when I bought from Stephen Frink new and I have been the only owner. I'm out of town and can post pics if there is interest tomorrow when I get back. Included: Housing with standard viewfinder, nikonos sync ports. Canon 1Ds Mark II body w/ two batteries 2 - Inon Z220 strobes and cords NO ports are included. Thanks, Keith
  3. Very nice! Enjoy the clearish water while you can.... Keith
  4. This worked out pretty well, here is the result, just need video lights now: https://vimeo.com/88027550
  5. Great set of images showing a crime in progress! Seriously, very cool series!
  6. It has been far too long since I last visited Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel CA. I had heard from other divers that the Cabazon males could be found guarding eggs this time of year but that this yearly event was nearly over. On Monday 2/24 condition were incredible with 50' visibility and very little surge. I lucked out and found this rather large Cabazon (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus) near the "Hole in the Wall" just outside Whalers Cove. This was shot at f10 @ 125th second, Manual mode housed DSLR, 100mm Macro Lens and two strobes 1/2 power and -4 power. Processing this image was very straight forward with minor adjustments to increase contrast, sharpen and very little backscatter removal, thanks to relatively clear water. I wish I had spent some time bracketing my depth of field to see a little more sharpness in the pectoral fins. Next time... Keith
  7. Here is what I came up with - 1 - 1.5"x2"x1/2" polycarbonate block 1 - 5" hose clamp 1 - piece of road bike inner tube for hose clamp 1- piece of mountain bike inner tube for anti-slip mount under polycarbonate block 1- GoPro flat adhesive mount Used a 3/16" drill bit and drill press to drill 3 holes through polycarbonate block for hose clamp. Then used a Dremmel tool with a spiral sheet rock cut out bit to finish the slot. Note the slot was off set just a tad to accommodate the next step. Using a drum sander on drill press sanded a contour into the block to match my macro port. Then eased the edges of the block with the drum sander. Then disassembled the hose clamp to feed it through the block and added the piece of bicycle tubing and reconnected the clamp. Mounted a GoPro flat adhesive mount to the top of the block and attached assembly to the macro port, just tight enough to keep it from slipping. The road bike tubbing not only prevents slipping of the mount on the Delrin port but also give the tag end of the hose clamp a place to go and be out of the way to prevent snagging. Keith
  8. Thanks Chris, yes my port is Delrin. I like you idea with a hose clamp or two. I will give it a try. My focus light is taking the spot in the middle of the housing otherwise that would be a good spot with a short arm as you have done. Keith
  9. I'd like to mount my GoPro 3+ to the top of my macro port on my DSLR housing. The curved GP adhesive mount does not work. Has anyone successfully tried this with another type of mount? My housing handles do not have mounts on top for anything and my strobes are mounted to shoes on top of the housing. I would also like to have the GoPro as far forward as possible and centered so the front of the macro port sounded like a good location. Thanks, Keith
  10. Congrats and thanks for bringing back spectacular images of a truly amazing place. Cordell Bank is on my to do list. I have dove Noonday Rock and thought that was spectacular but Cordell is very special indeed! Keith
  11. Excellent! +1 for others that have not shot stingrays in the Caymans, I have not been to Cayman too. Keith
  12. I would go with the 5DII, the housing would be smaller and easier to handle in choppy water during the swim. Plus you have the video option. 2nd the idea of a surf housing rather than a full dive housing. Unless of course you plan getting into more underwater work while diving, then get the best you can afford. I'm not a big fan of buying twice Cheers, Keith
  13. Looks interesting, what a find! How large is it? At first I thought it was a bullet/cassing but since you mentioned calling the ordinance people for disposal, it must be larger? Keith
  14. Thanks for the cold water report! Youv'e got some fantastic images. The Grunt sculpin is my favorite of the bunch. Good catch on the humming bird shot! Cheers, Keith
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