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  1. FYI - in case anyone is wondering, this housing will also work with a 5D Mark IV, you can send the housing back to SEACAM and have it converted for a reasonable price. Once converted though, you can’t switch it back to 5D Mark III housing. GLWS!
  2. Just got my two, thank you for the super prompt shipping! These are amazing lights and an amazing deal, good luck with the last one!
  3. Looking for a Seacam housing, no ports needed. Either Canon 5D Mark III or IV version.
  4. Great, thank you for the additional information. Its good to hear your experience with the EVF and Sony's system. I have a R5 on order and I guess at this point will have to see if I want to wait for housings to come out or stick with my 5DIV and get a housing sooner.
  5. Thanks Gudge! This helps to clarify the viewfinder issues. I don’t use the Seacam 45 viewfinder but want to add that to my next housing for macro. I love the S180 viewfinder I have used for the last 15 years except when wanting to get low for a shot. Have you noticed any issues with the EVF in bright sunlight like shooting upwards with the sun in the frame?
  6. Thanks Chris! The viewfinder is Seacam S180 viewfinder and may very well have same issue as the Nauticam, but I am not sure. I have heard from another professional UW photographer, that he personally won’t switch to mirrorless now because he feels the DSLR optical viewfinder is superior to the EVF in a mirrorless camera. This is one reason I was thinking of housing a Canon 5D Mark IV. I currently use Inon strobes with Nikonos connectors.
  7. I’m a long time UW shooter from Nikonos II, V to Aquatica w/ Canon F1n Film to finally Seacam w/ Canon 1Ds Mark II (2005) which still works to this day but is long in the tooth. I currently shoot a Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 1Dx Mark II above water and am thinking of: 1. House the 5D Mark IV in a Seacam and get immediate use with current lenses and ports. 2. Wait for the R5 Seacam housing to come out (but would have to use an adapter for my fisheye and macro lenses until Canon makes RF versions) 3. Jump ship to Sony A7R IV w/ Seacam housing and use my existing ports and viewfinder. For underwater use, is the optical viewfinder still better more desirable over the EVF on mirrorless cameras? I would love to hear from someone who has made the switch between a DSLR and Mirrorless in the UW environment on the pros/cons. Thanks, Keith
  8. Is the housing available still and what exactly are you including accessory wise? Thanks!
  9. Looking for a Seacam 5D Mark IV housing. I have ports and viewfinder but would entertain an S45 viewfinder as well.
  10. Ive gone through Nikonos V to housed film SLR to housed DSLR that is 15 years old now. I am finally going to move to a new system. Important to me is bulk/size and an excellent viewfinder with 100% view. I am on the fence sticking with a DSLR or going mirrorless. From what I have learned, at least in the Canon ecosystem the mirrorless lenses need more time to mature and catch up to the quality of L series EF lenses. So I may go with a 5DIV housed since I have the lenses and camera already vs buy into a whole new ecosystem like the Sony A7R III. Would love to here what others think?
  11. Time has finally come....Just curious if anyone would be interested in a Seacam Housing for a Canon 1Ds Mark II. Housing and camera. Both are in very good to excellent condition and everything works. This was a $20k system when I bought from Stephen Frink new and I have been the only owner. I'm out of town and can post pics if there is interest tomorrow when I get back. Included: Housing with standard viewfinder, nikonos sync ports. Canon 1Ds Mark II body w/ two batteries 2 - Inon Z220 strobes and cords NO ports are included. Thanks, Keith
  12. Very nice! Enjoy the clearish water while you can.... Keith
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