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  1. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    Yes, located in Boise
  2. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    if it happens, let me know. It's been listed for a while and I'm not in any real hurry
  3. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    It will work much better for someone in CONUS
  4. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    Hi Kevin, Yep, sadly most of the people responding to the ads (on facebook, craigslist) were scammers phil
  5. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    yes, it is a very good deal. but it has no value sitting unused. If you give me your address, I can get a shipping quote. Last one I checked was very expensive to ship with insurance.... I have no idea how I could warranty the system?
  6. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    USA, yes, yes, yes, no (1 trip to the maldives), too much gear!
  7. Yes, where are you located?
  8. pmcc

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    yep, with the entire package. pretty good deal!
  9. Nauticam NA-D7000 housing Nauticam 180mm dome Nauticam 50mm extension Nikon D7000 with 10.5 fisheye $1500 free shipping CONUS
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