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  1. Fuji E900 + Ikelite Housing + handles + Loads of extras Extras include: 2GB(in Camera) + 1 GB + 2 16mMB + 128mb XD memory cards for camera Mini Tripod(with box) + Large light Adjustable Tripod(40inches) with Carry Bag Fuji 2x rechargeable AA batteries(in Camera) Lens Adapter Macro Lens x2 Telephoto lens x2 Lens filters 4x Battery charger with power supply + one for car use Usb for Camera Manual + installation CD AV connector for camera Carrying case for Photo equipment and camera Ikelite Housing for Fuji E900 + Handle good up to 60 meters below Lifetime warranty All extra parts including O rings and any bits that are changeable Also comes with snorkel case good for all cameras that fit for up to 18 meters below when i bought them i spent a bit more than 1000 quid, i have been told they are worth about 300-350quid from 2nd hand camera shops.. I attached a photo to show they are not scratched and all in perfect working order some even with boxes, i have a bit of an OCD for taking care of things hehe... Am also willing to trade if you can offer anything i may need.... I have 2 other cameras(canon SD880Is and Canon SX1 IS) if perhaps you have some parts or accessories of them to trade. Matt
  2. Hi There Hope all is well, How much for just the housing and tray, how many times do you think you've used it? regards Matt
  3. Hi There Hope all is well, How much for just the housing and tray? regards Matt by the way was it or boy or a girl, or are you still epexting
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