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  1. I like the shot. If you wanted the octopus to be more crisp, I would stop down the fstop to f16 or f22 which should make the foreground and tentacles a bit more sharp.
  2. I recently purchased a used Aquatica housing for the Canon 20D that had the Henrich eTTL converter installed. When I attempt to use the Ikelite strobe in TTL mode, I end up with pictures that are completely underexposed. The strobe appears to be working fine when set in manual mode. In all of the reading I have been able to find, it seems that Heinrich is saying that it is a problem with only getting the preflash fromt the strobe - and must be attributed to the cable. Setup: Canon 20D Aquatica 20D Housing (with dual Nikonos style connectors) Heinrich eTTL converter Ikelite DS-160 strobe Iklelite 4104.62 synch cord Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks and good to know. It just seems so odd that the housing clamps down so tightly yet the ports screw onto the bayonets so easily and have that wiggle. I figured it must be ok as it was water tight on basic submersion tests but wanted to check.
  4. Seems to be. I can rock the ports slightly side-to-side and yes, do seem to feel the O-ring there. Just surprised that there is any wiggle at all.
  5. To any Aquatica Housing owners (particularly the Canon 20D) - When you put the lens ports on the housing, how tight do they fit? Mine seem looser than I would have expected though when put under water was still water tight. There also seems to be just a light room for wiggle - is this normal?
  6. Payment has been sent for the housing.
  7. Interested... sent you a PM with a few questions.
  8. I am looking for an Ikelite Housing for a Canon 20D. If you have one you are looking to sell, shoot me a PM.
  9. Is this still for sale? I am definitely interested if it is. PM sent
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