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  1. Eiko: I am a friend of Stewart Seldon. I just sold my set up which was identical to his, I am going to contact the person who bought it as she needs that lens. Please hold on to it for a couple of days to give her a chance to contact you. Jeff P.S. Saw a place in San Francisco called Eiko's
  2. I am changing to a mirrorless system and therefore selling my beloved DSLR set up. I am selling it with everything except strobes ( using on my new set up ) and lenses ( sold with ALL my Nikon gear except the D7000 body ) The housing has one dive trip since a FULL service at Aquatica and has NEVER seen as much as a tiny drop of water inside. Comes with surveyor vacuum system and pump. There is some evidence of use but absolutely nothing that affects use. The camera body also is in pristine condition. Also available are an 8" dome port with shade, a macro port with focus knob, a 4" glass dome port for the Tokina 19-17 fisheye. There are all the extension rings for use with the Tokina lens in the dome port or the mini dome port, for using the Nikon 105mm macro with the macro port, for a Sigma 10-20 lens in the dome port and a locking ring for the dome ports when used with one of the extension rings. Zoom rings for the Tokina fisheye and the Sigma wide angle lenses.EVERYTHING has been well maintained and I have never had an issue with any of the equipment. Also available are a Pelican case 30X18X12 with padded dividers, A Fisheye 1000 L focus light and a flip holder for a 67mm diopter that is custom made ( Xit 404 ) for the macro port. I can ship from Toronto or Buffalo. Paypal preferred and paypal payments need to add 3%. Shipping will be at actual cost and by your preferred method.
  3. Looking to buy Aquatica A6500 housing. Obviously should be in very good to excellent condition. Preferably includes the extra battery set up and Surveyor for preventing leaks. Anything extra may be considered if useful. Thanks
  4. How much for just the housing and camera?
  5. How much for just the housing and pick up in person?
  6. Forgot to mention that I would prefer a double ender or 2 singles
  7. As the title says I am looking for a spare sync chord to have on hand. Location is Ontario Canada for shipping estimate
  8. I am shooting with a Nikon D7000. After some reading I understand that I want the preflash button in the down position. Thanks
  9. Just got my new Z330s today to replace the Ikelite 161s I had. I decided to change in order to save packing weight as I travelled with extra batteries and that added significant weight. The settings appear straight forward EXCEPT for the preflash button.I shoot manual with electric sync chords and cannot figure out from the manual how I should set the flash/preflash buttons.Suggestions? Jeff
  10. Strobes are sold. Sync cords available still. $ 90 for dual cord and $45 for single and 15 ft extension cord
  11. I am selling my 2 DS 161 strobes. They are in perfect working order. Included are ULCS ball joints, regular and dome diffusers. 2 spare batteries. All hold their charge for 2 full days of diving ( one is a NiCad) NEVER flooded never failed to flash Also have 2 Dual sync cords - Nikonos to Ikelite and 2 single sync cords and a 15 foot extension cord. I believe they are non-TTL as I only shoot in manual mode Asking US$90 for the dual cords and $45 for the single cords. Assorted Ikelite lube extra pins and manuals Price does not include PayPal fees and shipping
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