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  1. Now sold. Thanks for looking
  2. Please message me at jeff_mark at me.com as I am not able to reply through Wetpixel right now it seems.
  3. I have switched to an external monitor so no longer need my 180 degree viewfinder. It is in perfect shape optically and has only lost a little of the patina but no rust or leaks. It also has an adapter for an Aquatica housing. Includes rubber end caps and spare o rings.Asking $700 including shipping from Canada or from Buffalo. Payment by PayPal will be surcharged 3% for their fees but shipping is included.
  4. Thanks. I have tried a number of resets so I am at a loss right now. I am going to spend the weekend shooting above water and testing as many settings as I can to see what gives consistent results
  5. I have been having trouble with acquiring focus since doing the latest update was installed. I have tried a couple of options but none seem to be working. Has anyone got recommendations as to what is working for them?
  6. I have one available since I switched housings
  7. I have an Aquatica macro port available. It is older but the front glass is new with no scratches. I am asking $150 plus shipping and any other fees. Located outside of Toronto for shipping estimate
  8. Thanks for the replies. I will stick to toggling as needed
  9. Yes. I can change the settings just fine, but when I set it to auto eye detect it does not see my eye. I am OK with just using the monitor back but there are times that I would like to use the viewfinder without having to move the housing away from my face and change the settings.
  10. I am using a Z6ii in an Aquatica housing. I would like the option of using both the viewfinder and the back monitor but the camera dous not recognize it when I bring my eye up to the viewfinder. It works fine out of the housing. Has anyone found a way to enable the viewfinder to know when you bring your eye up and switch from the back screen to the viewfinder?
  11. Contact Aquatica directly. They sometimes know of customers looking to sell/upgrade and may know where to look
  12. I have sold the 8 inch dome port 30205, the step up extension ring 30616, and the flip holder 18430. Reduced asking price is now $1200 plus shipping
  13. I was using the kit lens 16-55, the 20mm wide angle with fisheye converter and both 30 mm and 50 mm macro lenses. the macro port is the 0-60 port part 30207 in the Aquatica catalogue.
  14. I am picking up my new housing this coming weekend. Any reasonable offer will be accepted
  15. Going up on Ebay this weekend if there are no takers
  16. A6500 housing with Nikonos connection and optical connection 30300 Power Saddle 30616 Step Up Extension Ring 30205 SWB Dome Port with shade and neoprene cover- never wet 0-60 Macro Port 30200 Fisheye Port 18430 Single Flip Holder 30513 Zoom gear for Sony 16-55 lens 30600 Extension Ring for Fisheye Port 30601 Extension ring 30602 Extension ring 30605 Extension ring The gear has been on 2 dive trips and some is unused. I have switched to a full frame system and need to rehome the equipment. Except for the actual housing the other pieces are in their original boxes. Included is the Surveyor vacuum system with pump. It never has failed to hold a vacuum indefinitely only losing the LED when the battery dies out. Never wet inside - the camera itself looks brand new and it was sold as like new when I traded it for the new camera. I will provide any photos on request. Prefer to sell as a package $2800 plus fees and shipping. I will break it up if there is enough interest in the components to make it worthwhile for a sale.This system is ready for use when a camera is supplied.
  17. Thanks. Great idea. Now just have to learn the software.
  18. Any chance you could send me the stl to play with. The internal dimensions would be the same no matter what the exterior looks like.. The next step for me would be somehow duplicating the external to be like the dimensions of something like the zoom gear I have for my 16-55 lens and cut grooves internally to get it to hold onto the lens.I guess that means I have to learn how to use cad software fast.probably not something that is commercially viable
  19. I am wondering what people are using as a zoom gear for a Tokina 10-17 fisheye attached to a Sony A6500 with a metabones adapter. It will be used in an Aquatica housing. I had great success with this lens in my DSLR with APC sensor and would like to use it rather than the lenses available natively for the Sony
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