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  1. When we stayed at Fantasy Island on Roatan they did cruse ship divers and they are great. If I had a short time I would do the shark dive and I can not tell you the operator but it is two french brothers. First class dive operation. Just Google it and it will be a great time. My family has done it twice a few years apart. DON"T MISS IT. John
  2. There are battery companies like Batteries Plus or Batteries Batteries that will rebuild your batteries and they are just as good. They replace cells and can or replace all of the cells. That is how I did my packs. John
  3. Next time stay on the East Cape and dive with Mark at Vista Sea Sport he has nice boats and takes great care of you. The hotels are showing their age but Rancho Buena Vista Hotel is improving with new management. It has been cleaned up and is starting to turn the corner I have stayed there for 17 years and our last trip we had 30 people. John
  4. I went HD and now it is time to upgrade my software. Searched and read how about some help for a PC format. John
  5. 16 seat turbo prop. Normal clients with Frontiers. I wished it was a jet. I will be back again I have a few more GT's to catch the best was 65 pounds. But more diving as I think there are a lot of places left to dive on the island. John
  6. Well made it back. Air service is tough. 16 passenger charter from Honolulu. Diving was beyond my expectations and it was great. You can tell that there are not many divers I dove with Christmas Island Diving. Normal island boat but it was easy to dive off and the dive master made sure to get the best site based on the day but it was first class service and the air was top quality. Large and small life and the reef is in good shape. At this point Kim is up in the air I heard several different things while there but he was not diving. And was not on the island. Prepare to have a great time and every step is a challenge but it is worth the trouble. John
  7. I think it should be an adventure. Kim has just decided to leave the island and I had to find another dive company. I will let you know how it goes leaving tomorrow for Honolulu.
  8. Headed to Christmas Island Monday any information any ideas? John Lowther
  9. I was on Mermaid 2 6 weeks after the tsunami and it was great. I had a chance to check out Mermaid 1 it was a nicer boat bigger rooms and everything was a little nicer. I would book either boat again and I would like to return anytime that my schedule would let me. Dive masters were great. John
  10. Upgrading my system and wondering where is the best place to buy a Sony HC-7 Camera? John
  11. Don't pass up John Gray's tour. Boat is a little rustic but the trip was great. John actually went on our trip and they talked about a night tour as well. Food on the boat was fresh prepared and fantastic. John
  12. I have a light and motion tetra housing for a 5000.
  13. I have a Light and Motion Tetra Housing and a Nikon Cool Pix 5000 if you are interested. John
  14. Maui, Extended Horizons. Eric and the crew will take good care of you. They leave from the north end of Lahaina.
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