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  1. I bit the bullet and purchased the Leak Sentinel V3 and installed it in the Lens Release Control position. I could still use the lens release button using a wooden spatula, it is a little tricky but works fine. Customer support from Miso was excellent. The LED was initially in the wrong position facing forward rather than toward the rear of the housing but removing the 3 screws and rotating the small circuit board fixed that issue. Just got back from the Galapagos and was very pleased with the ease of use the the system. Always felt reassured seeing the green LED flashing at me.
  2. Can you elaborate on your final decision, did you install in the lens release control? How much time and effort was the install? Thanks in advance, David
  3. Is the housing still available? If so what are the external strobe connection type? Also where in the US are you travelling to. I imagine shipping from Indonesia is not cheap.
  4. I just got back from Raja Ampat (paradise dancer) and used the Sola 600 on most dives without a minutes trouble. The number of positive comments this light generated from the other divers was quite amusing. On the night dives the red light worked extremely well, the invertebrates especially seemed to be indifferent when the light was in that mode. Overall I am highly impressed with the light, it's compactness and ease of charging are a great bonus. Dave
  5. I am selling my Jonah housing for my Canon 10D. The housing is in good condition and comes with the following accesories. 4" Dome Port with Rubber port cover 2 x 60mm Extension rings The Housing has never been flooded and is in good cosmetic and working condition. I paid well over $2000. Will accept $1200. I plan on also putting it on Ebay soon. I can send actual pictures of housing if anyone is interested. Cheers, David
  6. That's because the damm exchange rate is around 1.87 dollars to the pound Exiled Scot in California :evil: By the way using manual only on the 10D is pretty straightforward and not a hassle at all.
  7. Hi, I bought the Jonah housing in October last year and have only used it for one trip thus far, I took about 1200 exposures underwater and about 100 topside. The shutter release button on the camera shows no signs of wear or damage. My purchasing decision for this housing was primarily cost and availability at the time. The housing performed well IMHO and I was very happy with the results. The support from the distributor and manufacturer has been very good indeed and they are currently creating a custom zoom gear for another of my lens which I am planning to use on my next trip in April. The total cost was around $2194 plus tax this included the 30mm extension and the 4" dome port. Cheers, Dave
  8. Hello All, I am an exiled Scot living in Sunny California, I have been diving on and off since I was 20, which is too many years ago to mention Up until late 2003 I had been using a Sea & Sea MMII EX Pro and YS-60 strobe and managed to get the occasional photo worth keeping. With my deep love for gadgets I decided to sell all my photographic equipment (land & sea) and go the digital route, I bought a Canon 10D, Jonah Housing, YS-90DX strobe and a few associated lenses. I only recently found the wetpixel site and I am glad I did. The wealth of information is enormous and for a rank amateur such as myself it is an invaluable resource to have. Thanks to all who post, David.
  9. Hi Thom, I don't have the D100 housing but I do own the Jonah housing for the Canon 10D. Overall I have been very happy with the housing, there were a few minor tweaks I had to make including adjusting the internal buttons to either make more contact or reduce the amount of contact, but after those were made it has been trouble free. I was using the 30mm extension ring and 4" port both of which fitting perfectly. I do have to say that both the California distributor and the manufacturer in Korea have been exceptionally helpful. I was using a Sigma 17-35mm lens which has an 82mm filter diameter and Dr Kim manufactured a diopter for me as no-one is currently making that size any more. They are also in the process of creating a custom zoom gear for another of my Canon lenses, these guys seem to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Also the cost of the Jonah housing is considerably cheaper than most of the currently available housings for the 10D. Now all I have to do is become a more proficient photographer and I'll be all set Cheers, Dave.
  10. Hello All, I recently purchased a Jonah Housing for my Canon 10D (October 2003) and have had a relatively easy time with it. Some of the buttons required a little tweaking to overcome either overpressure causing continuous pressure on one of the controls or under pressure where regardless of how hard you pressed the button would not function. These problems were easily solved by adjustment with a small screwdriver. I also had a little bit of a problem with the on/off knob due to the grub screw loosening up a little, again easily fixed. The setup I have is with the 4" dome port and extension ring and a single sea & sea YS-90DX connected via the N5 port. Overall I am very pleased but may add a second strobe for future trips. Aesthetically it is probably not the prettiest of the 10d housings but it is functional and for my budget a very solid piece of equipment, This was my first foray into housed cameras and I must admit I was very impressed with the initial results once I figured out the camera and strobe manual settings. I was a little worried about the manufacturers ability to actually deliver the product on time and they cut it close as the housing only arrived two days before I left for my trip. The U.S. distributor I got it from was extremely helpful and seemed to have an excellent relationship with the guy from Jonah. I am looking forward to using it again early in 2004 and can follow up with any new developments if anyone is interested. I'm not sure how many production units exist but I believe mine is number 5
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