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  1. Does anyone have any feedback on these make of lights, based on experience, especially with regards to using them as VidSLR lights (to be used with wide angle full frame SLR camera). 1. Patima Redshark PL2700 2. Nocturnal Lights SLX 800i 3. Fisheye FIX LED 1000 All feedback/reviews will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Anthony
  2. I want to start shooting video seriously with my Canon 5Dmk2 and trying to find the best "affordable" video lighting solution out there at an affordable price. But also, there are not many reviews or recommendations on the net as to the best lighting solution for this application. The options I have found are the following: 1. Nocturnal Lights - the 800i are options. 2. Luna series - these look awesome but way too expensive. 3. Hartenberger - have the Video MAxi lighting set which looks quite good, also compact to fit under and on the slr housing. 4. BossK lights - they have video lights which look effective and well-built. Details are good but look bulky and not sure will fit under the housing without making a huge bulk underneath and make the application uncomfortable. 5. Light & Motion lights - expensive but should be good lights. Can anyone comment on these options, add to the list, recommend, suggest based on thier experiences etc Thanks Anthony
  3. I am sure this topic must have been covered somewhere but could not find it in the forums. So sorry if I am repeating - if I am, can someone point me to the right thread. I have the 9" Sea & Sea acrylic dome which has always worked hundreds until I polished out some scratches using the micromesh. Now I cannot seem to get the dome so the waterdroplets don't form, especially when shooting over-unders. I have tried shampoo and spit. Spit works better (this always worked 100% before I polished the dome) but still does not give me enough time to shoot some shots before I get a whole lot of water droplets forming on the dome. Can anyone give some ideas what they use to prevent water droplets forming on the dome. I read in one of David Doubilet's articles he uses Lemon Pledge to clean his domes which then sounds like that helps, so may try that. But any other suggestions will certainly be appreciated. Thanks Anthony
  4. I have bought a Titan D100 but unfortunately L&M are out of stock with the port adaptor rings for the Sea & Sea ports. Therefore, if there is anybody out there with an adaptor ring which they are no longer using, and it is still in prefect working order with o-rings etc, please contact me asap
  5. Hi all, I am looking for people/users/owners of the Titan D100 as I am thinking of buying one for my D100. However, I have heard some mixed reviews and wondered if anyone out there has had extensive experience with it since they have been released. I was told that there have been serious electronic comebacks, has anyone else experienced this? All feedback, both positive and negative, will be appreciated before I make a decision.
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