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  1. Makes sense, FYI only one bulkhead connector on the Ikelite housing for the 40D. Thanks, Duane
  2. Thanks again for the reply Tim. Unless I'm mistaken, I think I need to buy a separate salve sensor with the DS51 to be able to use it in slave mode. My other option as I see it is to use the dual sync cord that Ikelite has available that will allow me to plug 2 DS 51 strobes to the bulkhead connector on my housing. I think the dual sync cord is the route I'm going to take. Sure I'm plunking down $135 for a cord that will replace the 2 I already have, but like you say if the dual cord fails, I still have the single cords as a backup. But this is part of what I'm looking forward to this spring...getting all this worked out.
  3. Hey Tim thanks for the reply. Yea I get what you are saying, it makes a lot of sense. I ordered my second D51, and will order my port for my Tokina soon. Since I won't be diving until the weather warms up a bit, I've got some time to spread out the cash bleed. I'm kinda lucky I have a lake close by that caters to divers. Lake Rawlings is about 60 feet at its deepest point, and we have a few training platforms, some cars, a bus, and a sailboat that was sunk and left behind when they filmed the opening scenes from the movie The Replacements. I plan on getting as much practice as I can at the lake before we take our trip this year probably to the Bahamas. I'm wondering if it would be better to use a dual sync cord with the 2 strobes, or if I should use the slave sensors? Again, any and all replies are appreciated. Thanks, Duane
  4. My DS51 specs show 28mm as the widest lens due to the coverage angle of this strobe. My question is this...If I add another DS51, will this increase my coverage angle enough to use my Tokina 12-24mm zoom? I suspect (and hope) the answer is yes, but I just want to get some responses here before I buy another DS51 and a port for the Tokina. FYI, I have a Canon 40D with Ikelite housing. Thanks, Duane
  5. Congrats on pulling the trigger on a new rig. Will be looking for your posts on how it is working for you, as I have everything you listed except I have 2 DS 50 strobes, and I haven't been able to get the housing yet, but soon I hope! Duane
  6. Boracay by any chance? I love it there! Duane
  7. Yes....this information has been has helped me more than you guys probably realize. I don't mind doing my own homework, but information like this is only found from other divers. Helped a lot....thanks! Duane
  8. Thanks for the info James, one of the things I liked about video was being able to select the frame I want while diving with sharks etc. but of course the images were unacceptable. But I see your point, 6 fps would be overkill. So I see you have 2 strobes. Seeing as how one of the Ikes is about half as much as the other, would it be better to go woth 2 of the cheaper models, or 1 of the more expensive. I croute of 1 of the more expensive and save my pennies for another one down the line, just trying to get an idea of what that would get me in terms of real world use. Thanks, Duane
  9. I'm moving from video into still photos, so I have some questions on the fundamentals. I gather that IS is not needed underwater since everything I do will involve a strobe. I also am working on the assumption that fast lenses are not needed for the actual exposure, (again due to the stobe) but faster lenses still retain the improved auto-focus performance we enjoy topside, correct? Speaking of strobes, are the strobes currently available able to keep up with the 6 plus fps of my 40D? If not, what can I expect from these strobes, and what do I get for my money by going for the higher priced models over the lower priced ones. (I'm looking at the Ikes). Also, I have to assume that focus assist lights have got to be well woth the RELATIVELY modest expense. Thanks! Duane
  10. Absolutely great information here! I have a couple months or so to decide on a housing, but I know for sure already the lenses I will be picking up. In the spring I will be practicing with my new rig at a local lake that is pretty much for divers only. In 15 years of diving I'm looking forward to this year a little more than most of the previous past few years, and it's great to have all this info before plunking down my hard earned money! Love the stuff about live view, can't wait for my 40D to get here.
  11. Good information....unfortunately with the new purchase of the 40D and lenses, money will be something to consider. It does help that I was able to sell some older video gear as I am upgrading everything. I've checked out the Ikelite at the site, and I'm considering it given the fact that I'm no pro to be sure, and I don't get to use this stuff nearly as much as I would like. I did have a question about live view. I was able to play with a 40D in Circuit City, along with an Oly 510. The 40D didn't have nearly the shutter lag that the Oly had when using live view, but from what I have read that's because it doesn't flip the mirror down to check focus and exposure like the Oly does. Also (again from what I have read) you can use auto focus as long as you push the focus/exposure lock button instead of pushing the shutter button down halfway. Otherwise, it's manual focus, and of course I have no idea if any housings support manual focus. Thanks again guys, this is a great site. Duane
  12. I just ordered my 40D, and I was going to come here and start a thread about what lens I should use with it underwater. But here is my answer in a thread already started. I think I'm going to like it here. Would be interested in hearing any and all exeriences with the housings and strobes available, as I will be deciding on these in the next few months, since I already know what lenses to pick up. Thanks! Duane
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