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  1. The culprit is the PG template. I also did the 2(.2) upgrade and had major issues with speed, all as a result of the PG template, I got it to work considerably faster by: Guest users set to 100% performance increase and 4 day cache Uninstall EVERY gallery module that you actually do not use Dont use the PG icons Unselect virtually everything you can in the PG template (this is the culprit - if you flick over to the carbon template you will see it working much much faster) hope this helps Paul
  2. I just bought a Sigma lens recently (not the one in question) and it was actually cheaper in the UK (after the tax back at the airport) than in Thailand. There is a decent shop at Fortune called CAPPA but I agree with Boi - chances of them carrying something a little "exotic" are probably low.
  3. Drew, I have missed you again (!) - I am on todays 12.30 flight to the UK. Have a great evening though paul
  4. Boi, Ouch! Bueatiful shot though so it was worth it! The barracuda is stunning. Pop the lens into Niks next week for a check, strip and clean, its under extended warranty because it had to be rebuilt after I dropped it off the Khao Chamao hill. See if you can get me a "rakha pisset" on the 1.4 teleconvertor for me while you are there.
  5. Giles and Paul make very good points - quality and work. I know the work involved in managing my own small collection of mediocre images is immense never mind what an agency that is proactively selling goes through. Heres and idea if Eric wanted to consider something - for a fee allow users of wetpixel's galleries to have an additional html line "to buy this image click here" which could then be set to go to a members external site or agency page. I dont use the galleries but it would mean no work for the wetpixel team (outside a little PHP addition), a well deserved income for wetpixel and exposure for sellers through wetpixel's immense traffic..
  6. Great to see Khun Songphol Amartsingh (Thailand) in there - great guy and has one the most impressive collections of fabulous images I have seen anywhere. And Alex Wu also another great guy and a past dive buddy. Am I beating the drum for Thailand ?
  7. Interesting. I tried it myself but got some unexpected results - the images I searched came up where they are supposed to be (one copy only ) but NOT the ones on my own website. This is strange because I get about 300 links a month from google images on my website and have had imaging indexing of the site set with google for a long time (set through the google webmaster preferences).
  8. Strange problem - I would just email the host, but as an interim you may want to try: a,) deleting all your cache files (probably have a root directory called "cache" or can be done from the CMS backend - could also turn caching off in the backend) b,) renaming your htaccess file (if you have one it should be in the root) to render it inoperable and then checking the links again if it is htaccess then either your cms supplier or host will be able to work out what line is causing the issue
  9. "Hotel with a nice house reef with its own dive centre" am not sure there are any, there are some that have "reefs" in front front of them ala Pimali but its just sand and bad vis. I would be interested if anyone knows of any because I have not come across any - possibly Koh Lipe but I have never been that far south. All the decent diving I know means on a boat of somekind. Paul BTW Krabi is on the mainland, maybe you mean Lanta or Phi Phi
  10. I think you have to consider first and foremost what the quality of the image is and HOW MUCH the vendor would want to use it. If the image/s are exceptional then they command RM fees - these are quite high (I have put an example at the bottom of this for a flyer - website is similar price for both ed and ad rates - but of course if they are going to fork out 500 bucks they have a great need and your image need to be exceptional in their eyes/needs). If the image is not exceptional then a better comparitor would be an RF price - after all virtually every stock agency has hundreds of RF underwater shots on its books. I have also put an example for RF which are based on size (standard RF pricing system) - some agencies sell cheaper some more expensive. Also keep in mind the photographer would normally only get 50% of this value. Also keep in mind that the buyer gets to choose between thousands of "good" images rather than limited to one photog - of course if your images are of their usual dives sites or off thier boats this could into play. If the image is not upto much they could pic up a similar one from a micro agent for pennies (note: "not up to much" is my generalization - I dont like the micro model so am somewhat biased against it). So IMO 50 buck for an RF licenced image for web use is not bad, you would get about 37 bucks through an agent and for an small RF in a flyer they would be using the same file (small size) so you wouldnt get anymore money (they have paid the RF fee already). Of course if the image/s is exceptional then you would want to use an RM model. The RM model is very complicated but if you want to see one in action just go to a stock agency site and play with parameters on their calculators. Its interesting and you will find in some cases (uses) the RM price comes in below the RF (full size) price for stock esp for editorial usage. hope this helps ____________________________________________ RF licence High Resolution Image $296.91 Commercial, Editorial or Personal Use Model Release: No Property Release: No Image Size: 3200 x 4800 pixels * 10.67" x 16.00" @ 300 dpi Medium Resolution Image $186.91 Commercial, Editorial or Personal Use Model Release: No Property Release: No Image Size: 1600 x 2400 pixels * 5.33" x 8.00" @ 300 dpi Low Resolution Image $76.91 Commercial, Editorial or Personal Use Model Release: No Property Release: No Image Size: 427 x 640 pixels * 1.42" x 2.13" @ 300 dpi ________________________________________ A RM licence for a flyer This image is available for Commercial, Editorial or Personal usage. Category: Brochures - Direct Marketing Usage: Brochures - Folders Size: Up to 1/4 Page Circulation: Up to 10,000 Duration of Use: Up to 1 Year Industry: Territory: Please select Worldwide* or all territories below that best apply... North America* Africa* Asia* Australia New Zealand and Oceania* Central America* Europe* South America* 492 USD ___________________________________________ * edited for typo
  11. Beautiful image and not only the cover but Mike got the annual calender shot also!!
  12. "Here's the correct link for Kasawari: http://www.kasawari-lembeh.com/" I have known both Kung and Poo (the owners; BTW their names translate to Shrimp and Crab respectively) for a number of years now - indeed I first met Poo in Lembeh even though I lived on the next street (in Bangkok) at the time. Both the brothers are of the highest standard both at a personal level and professionally and they run their company as both professionals and as avid UW photographers and videographers. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with their service. They are regarded as THE pinnacle amongst Thais as dive operators and are perhaps the only Thai operator I know without dual pricing standards (I know - I begged!)- they are that good. If it were not for my current problems that have stopped me diving I would be over there now basking in the luxury and critters. Paul
  13. That just tops EVERYTHING! Congratulations!
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