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  1. Hey Pete, I bought the Olympus 14-35 and the AG-AF100. It is a great combination. BS Kinetics is developing a housing for the Panasonic. It will take at least another two months before I'm going to get my hands on the prototype. But I'm not in a hurry so that's OK. It will also be a housing that is going to last me for a long time since it will be extremely modular, feature rich and suitable for other camera types of similar dimensions. About Equinox. I couldn't find anything on their website. Can you provide a link? Peter
  2. I see two problems with this recorder. 1. It isn't finalized yet, so who knows when we will able to buy it. 2. Uncompressed 10bit recording only. That means around 800 GB per hour. Not ideal if you don't need uncompressed footage.
  3. The olympus seems like a terrific lens but big $$$. But I'm going to B&H in two weeks time to check them out. About housings. I asked around and nobody is currently planning a housing for this camera. Very strange. I talked to the people from BSKinetics, nice chap BTW. I sent him my "feature wish list". We'll see what comes out of this, but I have high hopes. Can anybody advise on a good external HD monitor (either SDI or HDMI) for underwater?
  4. I just checked the crop factor. Not good. The pana is a micro four third camera. If I'm not mistaken that gives a 2.1 crop factor for the Tokina. So the 11-16 would be more like 22-32. Hmmm. Perhaps I should look into native m4/3 lenses.
  5. I looked at the berger website. It's going to be a litlle while before the mount for the Pana is going to be available. About the Tokina. It seems to be great for underwater. But I also found several reviews about faulty lenses. I'm a bit worried about distortion. Have a look in this review http://photo.net/equipment/tokina/11-16/. Some of the photos seem to suffer from serious distortion. What do you think about the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM? Thanks, Peter
  6. Jonny, thanks for info. I can get a decent housing and good ports with these guys: www.bskinetics.com I'm thinking of either adding the nano flash or the aja mini (if it becomes available soon) I'll do some research on the Tokina. Is it compatible with the Sony EF mount?
  7. Hi chaps, I'm looking to upgrade my Z1 to a new camera. I'm considering the new Panasonic Ag-AF100. At the boot show I spoke to a german housing manufacturer who said he can build a housing for it at a reasonable price. Depending on final specs it will be in between 3500€ and 5000€. The housing are designed to go down to 160 meters, what is necessary for our deep wreck stuff. Since I have no experience at all with this camera, apart from doing research via the net, I would like to get your opinion. Would this camera be suitable for underwater work? Do you see any major problems? What lense would you go for? Thanks a lot, Peter
  8. I would recommend the SQUID 150 or the SQUID 250 for daylight shooting. The Squid 50 isn't powerful enough.
  9. intrigating, breathtaking, fascinating, moving, stunning .... top class work Bruno. The only thing I would change is the very last shot,where the bubbles float to the surface. IMO it doesn't belong there. It's slightly distracting. The rest is just .... well fantastic.
  10. Hi Mike, I'll forward this information to my friend. Thanks, Peter
  11. Hi guys, Do you know anyone renting out an underwater housing for the RED in Europe? A friend of mine is looking for one. He is a professional underwater camera operator, but for this shoot a RED is a must. His client will provide the RED camera, but they are looking for a housing. I believe that most of the shoot will be done in a pool. Thanks, Peter
  12. Hi Jon, did you see the next button below the three videos? You can also use the All button. I just tested it and it worked. What browser are you using? PC
  13. I wonder how much time you need to spend on getting focus right. With the level of detail you get on 3K - 4K sensors, anytime the focus is slightly off, it will be very noticable.
  14. Deep wrecks, deep reefs and sharks. The story of one week diving in Egypt’s deep south. Description A winter trip to the Red Sea brings the team of Submerge Productions to the most interesting places in the Deep South. In one week, we are cruising the area around Daedalus, Elphinstone and Zabargad. Our goal is to revisit the Maidan, a wreck that lies at 100 meters depth, near Rocky Island. We've been there only once, and will be exploring the Maidan for a second time. Less deep, but no less interesting, lies the Moma, a Russian spy ship, worth a visit. Another wreck is situated close to Daedalus Reef. Far out in the Red Sea, the Zealot lies at the Northern tip of the island, marked by currents and deep seas. Finally, Elphinstone. We're diving this small reef, famous for its vibrant underwater life, chances to see large pelagics and for the arch, situated at the southern tip at 60 meters. The four video podcasts about this trip, each around 10 minutes long, can be found at http://www.submergeproductions.com/svarnet...x?channelid=1,2 Part 1: Logistics and Gotta Marsa Alam check dive Part 2: Deadalus and the Zealot Part 3: Rocky island and the Maidan, Zabargad and the Moma Part 4: Sataya Reef and dolphins, Elphinstone and the Arch You will need Flash Player v10 to watch the video podcasts. Have fun watching, Peter http://www.submergeproductions.com – dedicated to technical diving http://www.svarnet.com – a new way to bring video podcasts to the diving community
  15. I've given up on manual WB. I set a fixed WB and do everything in post.
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