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  1. Hi, I would like to get a housing for Panasonic DVX100. I am tossing between Equinox Pro Pak-8 (mechanical), the Panasonic AG-YUH100 UW HOUSING (mechanical) and the Japanese-made SSP http://www.netwave.or.jp/~shioya/. Does anyone has any experience with these housings? Info on housings for DVX100 is sketchy in the web. I would like to know the pros and cons comparing the two. Equinox at U$1250 is much cheaper I believe. Thanks for your time. With regards, Louis
  2. Thanks for the post...it's an interesting website. I will take up the course along with several books suggested in this thread, and an Open Sea Licence for starters. Thank you everyone for the information and help.
  3. I'll be there covering the event for local and national newspaper. I will definitely try to talk and pick things up from Murray Kaufman. I've seen a lot of his pix on books and postcard. I will be an experience to see him in person.
  4. Hi, I exploring how I can learn u/w photography in Malaysia. I live near Sipadan Island yet there are no local u/w photographer in the area. Any recommendations on courses and programs I can look into? Perhaps you would care sharing how you started your journey to u/w photography. Thank you.
  5. Thanks James for pointing out...I was browsing through the forum in a hurry and posted the question without thinking about doing a search. Sorry to bug you!
  6. Hi James, Just curious of the type of housing and strobes you use. Can you share why you choose these equipment? I have a S2 as well, considering diving into U/W photography.
  7. Hi, I am from Malaysia...does anyone know of Aquatica rep here?
  8. I've seen quite a number of people in this forum using Aquatica housing for S2 Pro. But I cannot find the housing in Aquatica website. The site mentioned that a S2 Pro housing is coming soon. So who did you guys get your hands on the housing???
  9. Hi, Thanks for the pouring of information to my first post. Now I am breaking down considerations to a u/w photography system to the following (and correct me if I am wrong) 1. Housing Does every housing come with arms or arms need to be purchased separately? 2. Ports & dome Unlike land photography where one only needs to get the right lens for the camera (D lens for newer Nikon camera, etc), in U/W one needs to buy the ports & domes for the lens. 3. Strobes Are there non-porpriety strobes which can work on any house/arm system? What are you considerations in getting a strobe? Do you need different strobes for different shots (ie macro, wide/scenic, mid/wide) or the strobes will be able to cover all situation. Clearly these are newbie questions. I hope this is not to elementary for this forum Thanks again for your help.
  10. Do you mean that apart from getting a housing, I'll also need to buy mounting arms, and housing for SB80DX or strobes? I've read somewhere that SB80DX is not suitable for u/w because its coverage is not wide enough. Is that true?
  11. Hi, I am an experienced land photographer looking to dive into u/w photography. So in terms of U/W I am a complete newbie. I have an S2 Pro, 17-35, SB80dx. What else do I need to do u/w? What housing do you recommend? Ikelite seems to be the cheaper than Sea and Sea, Aquatica. Any reasons? Your views will be very helpful to me. Thanks. With regards, Louis www.pbase.com/louispang/
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