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  1. STROBE RING FOR OLYMPUS TG's Flash ring Olympus TG-5 & 4 for use in microscope mode More information The TG Flash Diffuser uses a built-in flash on the Olympus TG camera body to evenly illuminate your subject for completely shadow-free u/w macro photography. With this product, the underwater case's (PT-058/PT-056) closest focusing distance to the subject is less than 1cm. Used once, slight scuff on black part No power supply required. Easy attachment and detachment can be done simply by screwing into the housing. Equipped with optical fiber connector (SEA & SEA type), it also supports connection of external flash and EF mode mounted light. I bought it in Japan. Comes with simple instructions, works great $60.00
  2. I bought this light; but have not used it so time to sell new in the box, with all the contents. Specifications ● Continuous light mode (White/Red/Blue) ● Strobe light mode (White/Red/Blue) ● Continuous light Max: 1800 lumens ● Strobe light Max: 3000 lumens ● Depth Rating: 100m/330ft ● Beam Angle: 100 degrees on land / 90 degrees underwater ● Color Temp: 5000-5500K ● Power Level: 100/75/50/25% ● Button: two buttons complete with a battery level meter ● Continuous light mode approx. 45 minutes at full power ● Strobe light mode approx. 12 hours ● 1 x 26650 Lithium battery ● Charge time: Approx. 4 hours from zero (5V/2A) New $349.00, this one is $299.00 plus shipping. It is located in the US Here is a review: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/kraken-weefine-ring-light-3000-review For faster response from me, write to: dtreid@gmail.com
  3. Does any one shoot those types of pics where you have a piece of metal pipe attached to your housing lens port and the light that comes back in makes a colored swirly pattern around the subject? I have the pipe; but wondered how long it should be. I need to cut it down. Thanks Terry dtreid@gmail.com
  4. The newer version works on mirrorless camera housings. This one was for a dSLR housing Sorry that is all I know about the 2 versions. The newest version is only about a couple of months old
  5. Have these lenses from a friend who no longer shoots Nikon, all in very good condition, no fungus, haze, diaphragm moves smoothly, no oil seen Nikon 17-35 2.8 AF-S Silent wave motor ED IF $ 900 Nikon 20mm 2.8 AF $250 Nikon Close up 4T fits ( 105mm lens) $80 Sigma 14mm 2.8 Aspherical EX HSM $450 Also for topside a Nikon 300mm 1:4 AF ED lens with a removable filter, nice leatherette cap and tripod collar $400 All plus shipping Terry dtreid@gmail.com
  6. This viewfinder was used on only 2 dives, in excellent condition, about 1.5 years old. It is not the latest one that can be converted to mirrorless housings. Works on all dSLR housings. Has nice neoprene carrying case. E-mail: dtreid@gmail.com Terry Schuller, Ultralight Control Systems $710 plus shipping
  7. Have these lenses from a friend who no longer shoots Nikon, all in very good condition, no fungus, haze, diaphragm moves smoothly, no oil seen Nikon 60mm AF Micro Nikkor 2.8 serial number 2323343 $250 SOLD Nikon 17-35 2.8 AF-S Silent wave motor ED IF $1000 Nikon 20mm 2.8 AF $300 Nikon Close up 4T $80 Sigma 14mm 2.8 Aspherical EX HSM $500 Bag of all kinds of gears (not marked) for Subal housings $25 takes them all SOLD Write to dtreid@gmail.com, do not use the forum to communicate as I may miss your note
  8. I have a new unused Retra Snoot for the Ikelite DS 125/160/161 The Light Shaping Device (LSD0 works like a projector which takes light from your flash and pilot light to create a beam with a sharp image at the focus distance. The LSD uses elements like a lens, mask and a diffuser to generate the light beam. I can order snoots for other strobes. The LSD is future proof, if you change your flash, you only change the mounting module for the new strobe. Cost is approx $350, includes shipping to US and customs fees. Please write to ulcs@ulcs.com
  9. A Subal 66mm extension ring in great condition. Suggest changing the o-ring. I might have a new one I can include. Have to look. This ring has an inside ring that makes the opening smaller. That is the part that screws to the housing. See picture. The inner dimension of the ring is approx. 94mm and at this point it is approx. 84mm. The diameter of your lens would have to fit through the smaller dimension. $45 plus shipping. Please respond to: dtreid@gmail.com as I might miss your reply here.
  10. Great for a beginner This Camera and Housing are used; but very little. Everything works. Comes with cable from the strobe to the housing. See pictures The strobe is an Ikelite DS125 Any questions, please write to dtreid@gmail.com, do not just post a reply here as I may miss it Thanks
  11. I realize this is not underwater; but there are many topside nature photographers among us. Lens is used; but in excellent condition. Comes with hard case, lens shade, lens cover, rear cover, strap and the TC-20E 2X teleconverter by Nikon I have more pictures I can send anyone interested. Great lens for Africa or any wildlife. It is heavy and has a plate so that you can put it on a tripod. The lens and teleconverter are $1400 together. We take credit cards, no paypal please and no overseas inquiries. Contact Information Please reply to: dtreid@gmail.com (I may not monitor this post, so e-mail is the best way to reach me) Location: CA, Camarillo Price: $1,400.00 for both lens and teleconverter
  12. Just a few of mine to add to the group. Sharks are fewer this year than last; Still lots of fun. Calm seas, warm water and more eggs showing up, Maybe more sharks tomorrow. That is Laura in the first picture Terry Schuller
  13. I have a slightly used one that I am selling. Please write to me: dtreid@gmail.com
  14. Light and Motion SunRay 2000 LED lights 2x light and motion LED lights 2x L&M battery pods 4x L&M batterys 2x L&M chargers This allows you to have a set on charge while you are diving the other set. They have 1" balls on them for attaching to an arm system All in good working order. Please respond to dtreid@gmail.com as I do not monitor the forums daily $995 plus shipping See review: http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/light_motion_sunray_douglas.html
  15. Light and Motion Sola Video 1200 light. Used very little. Comes with charger, ball and case. $485.00 plus shipping Lumens (Flood 60°/Spot 12°): High- 1200 / 500 Med- 600 / 250 Low- 300 / 125 Run Time (Flood/Spot): High- 70 / 110 Min Med- 140 / 220 Min Low- 280 / 440 Min Charge Time: 150 Minutes Please respond to dtreid@gmail.com as I do not monitor the forums daily Stock image
  16. Subal housing for D200 with GS180 viewfinder, just serviced with papers showing such. Comes with a macro port (manual-autofocus port), 33 mm ext ring so you can use it with a 105mm lens (older style, no VR type). Has some scratches on the bottom part; but nothing unusual for how many dives it has been on. Also included: Woody diopter Ultralight handles and tray Original handle (right side) X2 Many misc parts like dovetails, balls etc. Manual Body cap and cap for front and rear port Everything you need to start taking underwater photos, see camera listed below, sorry almost everything, no lenses. $900 plus shipping, Also available is a D200 camera, in good condition. The pop up flash does not pop up fully; but you can assist it and it works fine. Will not be a problem in the housing as it is not used. Including body cap, battery, battery charger, Software, manuals in English and Spanish, one CF card, cables and strap, quick start guide $300 Nikon MB-D200 Battery grip, new (no box) $125 Please respond to dtreid@gmail.com as I do not monitor the forums daily.
  17. Camera comes with manual, extra battery and charger. The underwater housing is the WP-DC21 and has it's owners manual. It was used for 2 dives. I mostly used the camera topside. Never flooded. I have 2 X 2GB San Disk Ultra II cards, new that come with it. $125.00 plus shipping costs to US address. Please write to dtreid@gmail.com as I don't monitor these posts daily. Thanks Terry
  18. Had a another fantastic day. We are so very lucky to have such good weather and an abundance of whale sharks. Also some mantas today and some Mobelias. see attached photo
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