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  1. Just joined wetpixel, and already loving the forum. Got my 40d in Sept., my first dslr. Went to Africa end of Sept. and based on my topside experience so far the 40d with the mods to the autofocus system is far more sensitive and quicker to lock in than my EOS 3's which I used in similar situations last year on safari. This thread is esp. great since I returned from the Philippines last eve. after a week's diving there with my trusty Nikonos 5 with 15 mm and ext tubes. Seemed like I was always wanting to take pix of nudibranchs when I had my wide angle, or a cuttlefish would be staring me in the eye when I had my macro setup. Also, except for nudibranchs, other critters just don't seem to like to be "framed." Can't blame them. Sooooo, I'm really anxious to get into the 21st century with my underwater photography, and this thread has been a great help. I must admit though, I'm a bit hesitant about jumping in yet with housing, etc. for the 40d knowing that the followon to the 5d is just around the corner. Could be wrong, but it seems to me that the full size sensor is esp nice for much of the kind of photography one does underwater. Also, should I just make the full switch and sell off my 105 strobes, or would they still be useful with digital? Thanks again. Jim
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