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  1. There some interesting books about filmmaking and image composition for video. My personal choice would go for "The Visual Story: Creating the visual structure of film, TV and digital media" and "The Filmmaker's Eye: Learning (and Breaking) the Rules of Cinematic Composition" . You'll get the basics with some good examples. About stories, it can be very wide, depending on the subject. Most people shoot and edit a summary of their vacation. Others try to bring a message. Then you have to specialize. If you like wrecks, making a film on wrecks may require a bit of investigation on the history of the wreck. If you want to do a wildlife film, then you also have to get some skills in finding and approaching the critters you want to show which might bring you into underwater macro videography.
  2. May I ask what do you mean by artistic side ? Artistic side can mean many things from image composition, color grading, scripted and visual storytelling that have their roots in regular (i.e. terrestrial) filmmaking techniques with also some inherent differences related to the U/W environment.
  3. I use a Teric and Perdix AI. My travel regulator only have a single HP port so no SPG but I have an extra one on my local coldwater gear. It's worth noting that Air Integration has been much better lately probably because the RF electronics has improved. A decade ago, using strobes or HID lights were just interfering with the wireless transmission. Now, I don't see it happening anymore.
  4. If I remember well, the Nauticam housing for the LX100II is not provided with any handle so you're free to use whatever tray/handles you like (NA-LX100 was just an housing with easy/flexitray as an option). It's slightly bigger than previous ikelite (clear) housing. I don't know about the size of the new housings but I don't think you'll get full control as the manual does not mention any knob to swith from auto to manual focus for example. To me the only frustrating thing with the nauticam housing is their attempt to integrate a wheel to rotate the jog dial on the back of the housing (it's not available on Ikelite and probably Seafrog). The jog is impossible to rotate properly underwater without making a mess in the settings. You can still press the sides and the center of the jog to access the menu but that's all.
  5. I had the first generation of Lx100 and used it almost only for video. I loved the fact you could easily access aperture and shutter speed. The rotating knob, focus wheel are nice to use as there's no need to navigate to some menu to access some basic functions. For UW video, a poor choice of housing makes a big difference with this camera because you may be unable to properly access those settings. The Nauticam housing provided a full control underwater while it was not the case for Ikelite and Meikon/Seafrog. I initially had an Ikelite housing and that what a bad choice as I didn't have any control to manual focus and then happily switched to Nauticam. What I disliked the most with the LX100 was some dust appeared on the sensor after some time. This is a plague for this earlier model requiring servicing at some stage. I don't know about Lx100ii but it's worth checking if this issue still exists. Other than that, I loved this camera and sometimes miss it (I moved to GH5s which is way bulkier underwater).
  6. Travel ban to the Philippines has been expanded to a really long list of countries including all Europe and North America. https://www.rappler.com/nation/254274-philippines-bans-foreigners-novel-coronavirus-hit-countries?fbclid=IwAR0i61ryThPIoNMF5-IuhiCfVTV4MP6uTNFE7gWojlISHcxmummai98Np7E
  7. Their shipping rate is $155... I am also interested in finding an EU supplier.
  8. I had a LX100 (the first model) for nearly 4 years before moving to a GH5s. While I love the GH5s, I sometimes miss that the LX100. LX100 is really nice for video, good at low light, but underwater you need to go the expensive Nauticam road if you want full control (Ikelite and other are partial with manual focus notably missing on Ikelite). And for macro work, you will need the flip holder and lens diopters. Therefore I wouldn't call that bundle a best value package. Also the first model of LX100 was good at getting some dust on the sensor at some stage through the lens barel. The repair is expensive. I don't know but hope the problem has been solved on the LX100II .
  9. In-body/lens stabilization when shooting macro is not essential as long as you're using a tripod. On the GH5s I own, I almost only shoot macro and in that case, it's not a problem with Olympus 12-50 or 60mm lenses as long as the tripod does properly its job. I prefer my housing to weight a little more underwater than being neutral for that use. On the opposite, a neutral housing for wide angle is way better. If you own a Leica lens with optical stabilization, the GH5s will have its stabilization menu enabled so you can choose between optical and electronic. With non Leica lenses, the menu is greyed.
  10. The Ikelite housing does not have a M67 adapter. I've printed mine. One can be bought from Ikelite. While the nauticam can probably fit on it, the M67 thread on the Fantasea dome seems very short considering the thread on the Ikelite adapter is recessed.
  11. Thanks for the infos on those lenses. Which "wetmate" lens do you refer to ? It seems like this name is shared by several manufacturers ? Regarding Fantasea, if you refer to this product ( http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5328) , the M67 thread of the dome will probably not fit out of the box with the ikelite M67 adapter ( http://www.equip-u.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=13694 )
  12. We'll see when I have a chance to test a "proper wide angle" like the Ikelite WD4 which I am not ready to buy yet and seems to be the only option for Ikelite. I tried my old UWL-100 with its half dome and you get lots of soft corner so it's bad. I don't think there's a way to overcome this even using the macro mode. I may be wrong but I don't believe any M67 lens might do the trick on this housing considering how far you need to zoom (due to the length of the Ikelite port) to remove vignetting and then soft corners with the UWL-100 but I only have one lens to test and I am not an expert in that kind of optics. With the bare flat port, it's wide enough for me considering I have a Gopro to go wide when needed and I am mostly interested in medium/macro filming.
  13. Hello, I own the Ikelite housing and I am just back from some dives with it in the Dutch Caribbean. Here are a few comments regarding the housing. I used it almost only for video with a URPro filter and the UCL-165 macro lens down to 60m. Overal, the housing is fun to use. Insertion of the camera is a bit tricky the first time because of the wheel at the back of the housing but not complicated. All buttons are responsive and you don't have to do weird move with the controls to access some functions. Being from the UW video world using regular camcorders, I was very pleased to discover the camera has an excellent low light behavior in comparison to my Canon HF-S10 camcorder. Autofocus was also quicker. I tried additional focus mode such as subject tracking (you select a target and then the camera continuously focus on it) and it also worked nicely Regarding macro, you have to zoom almost halfway to avoid vignetting using the UCL-165. I haven't had the time to develop a tripod for the housing therefore testing macro was not that simple but non moving macro subjects were okay as autofocus was fine. I am currently working on an addon (micro RC servo and 3D printed gears) to add access to focus mode switch and front ring but overal I would say the lack of focus mode switch is not, as it may seem (and worried me), a substantial key issue for video including macro video.
  14. I've heard about the same problem with this camcorder with other housings. No solution for now
  15. Thanks for the review. I've been using laptop and tabletPCs for years. As a geek in underwater video, I don't find any interest in the Ipad, considering there's on the market alternate solutions such as the Archos PC tablet 9 and a couple of Tablet netbooks from Asus which have all the versability one may want for the same price range. I like my Ipod but like when Iphone appeared, I don't see where the revolution or change is. Smartphone and TabletPC were almost a decade before Apple's products. It's the way they are advertised that make them different with lots of buzz selling revolution that actually does not exist. My old 2004 tablet PC was quite useful to review DV video shots. Even Vegas was running well on it. Last time I used it in the field for video was 2 years ago. Now I am in the AVCHD world and so far no product such as Ipad or netbook have met my expectation. So no Ipad for me.
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