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  1. How far is Ocean Frontiers from the west end?
  2. Going to Cayman Islands at the end of March and looking for any advice/rec's from folks who've been there. We plan on staying on Grand Cayman at a dive resort but this isn't set in stone yet. Eden Rock and Don Foster's are 2 we're considering. The ability to dive from their docks is appealing. We haven't made any formal plans though so I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone who's been there, regarding diving, eating, or anything else. Thanks in advance.
  3. Considering this strobe set-up, along w/ DS-51. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info everyone. We're looking forward to a great trip. Akes
  5. I have a Canon A710 IS w/ an Ikelite housing. Base on my needs and budget I'm looking hard at these 2 strobe systems. Anyone have any thoughts on the relative merits of these 2? Thanks! Akes
  6. Planning a spring trip to Bonaire and I'd love to hear others' experiences with this resort. Thanks! Akes
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