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  1. Almost all what we describe as issues come from the fact that we use dSLR lenses adapted and adapters from 100 to 120 ports. If we move to native 100 ports (with the 18-45 and WWL lenses, CMC lenses) i assume that these issue will gone apart from the access to battery and cards doors.
  2. Confirm what the members @Luko and @hiloboy present as prons and cons. I was expect that the entry of the camera with the 8-15 could be straight but it follows the road of Tokina as described. The same for the battery and card access. And the blue lock at the on/off is not something that you have to forget. Am looking to mod that to be always at the correct location. On the camera side and the quality, no words (am coming from Canon 80D and 50D). Is just amazing. Only these ergonomics to be fixed (?) and is a nice package worth to upgrade from dSLR system.
  3. Am chating with Blake (Aquatica owner) and his professionalism is unbelievable. Apart from free total service and deep pressure test, he offer lots at 1/10th of the price. Aquatica for now has limited arsenal of housings for mid-range cameras, and since Sony or Canon FF are out of my radar for now, i will go to Nauticam for R7. Also i wanna taste the wet lens systems of Nauticam!
  4. Is a good technician? Am asking since with web meeting with Blake, what happen to my case is impermissible. I wanna let out the price i finally pay for that bad service - is way more than what i could pay if i have send it to Canada directly and make "bad" paperwork in the Customs. Also, why Aquatica for me will be soon out is that the available housing arsenal is not in my camera budget as i have Canon R7 now (amazing for the price and tech spec) and Aquatica does not have plans for it. On the contrary, why i choose Aquatica for my Canon 80D is that the housings are built like a tank. They last "forever" ...
  5. Communication has been was restored. It happen that Cerella Oly has run a bad maintenance service (fully paid) and that Aquatica make a total review of it (covid affection to some members of the company and ice storm make the communication to be lost). Means that, Aquatica is loosing in Europe for tech support and any new customer has to ship it to USA/Canada. Nevertheless, lesson learned
  6. Based on my experience (owner of Aquatica staff) is that since technical support in EU is not easy to find in comparison to Nauticam, i move to Nauticam for my Canon R7.
  7. Thanks Chris I have send emails to all Aquatica staff i have the email but nothing happen. Is unclear how to handle such a situation yet.
  8. Owner of 2 Aquatica housings (for Canon 40/50D and Canon 70D but use with 80D) i was quite happy with the durability. When the 70D housin floods, with no real/obvious reason or source of trouble, i was looking around to send it into an EU country for service and i choose Cerella Oly in Finland (September 2022) Bad communication from the center and unclear flood source from their side (!) - paid the service (January 2023!) but no repair (!) and send it to Canada for manufacturer inspection. Several emails and follow ups on follow ups until they inform me that the flood come from all (!) buttons of the back (March 2023). Now we are in Mid April - soon to be May and i have no news, no feedback, no communication by Aquatica. I am without housing since September 2022, luckily the backup (50D) works and is used and now am moving to Nauticam (Canon R7) as i cannot understand why such a bad tech support in the long run. Do anybody has similar experience with Aquatica?
  9. Sounds also (on top of the constructive comments above) like a nice backup system (i have R7+Nauticam and a Canon 80D housed in Aquatica) as in missions and science projects, back up can save the dissemination work.
  10. Just read it and give nice information! What about using adapted 100mm glass dome from Aquatica or a Zen with native Nauticam system?
  11. Hi folks Am looking for the NA-Adaptor for Aquatica ports with lock. If somebody has a piece that wanna sell it, please let me know. Thanks
  12. You can try Sporades Archipelagos with focus in Alonnisos area. There, gorgonian forests, seagrass meadows, and the only accesible ancient wreck at 24m to visit https://alonissos-seacolours.gr/peristera/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/article/diving-into-the-first-underwater-museum-in-greece and thats from my work > https://www.greece-is.com/coral-gardens-greece/ as i work at the area as scientist and i can say that you can see lots and have nice food as well. Access to Skiathos via airplane and then by boat. Happy for more information.
  13. Dear community Am looking to buy that adapter. From Nauticam, is discontinued officialy. I move to Nauticam since Aquatica tech support in EU is practically non-existence. Thanks Dimitris
  14. I have various GoPros, from 4 to 9. GoPro 4 Black (2015) with native housing, works flawless until now down to 50m but flat port. Also a 3rd part housing with Dome Port (=better image quality). GoPro 9 with T-Housing. Build like a tank with accessory for macro lense. Flat port. Not sure what to suggest or not, but now am on the go for another GoPro 9 adding the nice semifisheye INON lense (see the homepage of Wetpixel now). Other options comes from from Isotta (close price to T-Housing) and Hugyfot (pricy but you build an robust system). What is missing is a housing with native dome port ...
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