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  1. Thanks for the information Chris and Dave. Eneloop (or IKEA rebranded) are the way to go.
  2. Hi Looking to use Li-Ion AA batteries in strobes like YS110a, i couldn;t find relevant info. Has anybody test such approaches using i.e. Saft LS-14500 or any advice on what not to do? Thanks in advance
  3. No Davide, I fully understand what you say. In my case, since i will not use them more than 50-60 hours per year (hope), and since i obtain from official retailer in Europe, i expect a short of decend after sales support if needed. Keldan are really good on that since are in Europe.
  4. In the debate on which lights are the best and having the elephant in the room (Keldan) i choose the rino (Weefine). The 12.000 lumen (93CRI they say) and give that am not full time video man, but need decent equipment for my work (marine ecology/biodiversity/restoration) i choose to spend 500 euro less in comparison to a pair of Keldan 10.000 lumen. Just arrive and the quality (have never see Keldan) seems quite robust. 3 options for power (keldan wins at that) but domed front glass element with blue filters as bonus seems a quite reasonable first uw video lights selection. These will be used mainly in waters shallower than 50 m in Greece. Any advice of owners of Weefine?
  5. Hi WetPixelers I am a happy onwer of Aquatica housing for 70D equiped with the MOISTURE AND VACUUM SENSOR SYSTEM (http://www.aquatica.ca/en/accessories_surveyor.html). So far, it has more than 50 dives with no issues. Some days ago, after the end of the dive and the entry to the boat, the sensor start to blink red and the audible signal start. The camera and strobes work fine but the alarm was on. At the port, i open it an find 1 drop of water (!) at the lower part of the housing with no visible entry point. At home, i clean everything, remove the battery from the sensor system and after some hour i reposition and the system continue to flash red and the audible voice is on. Today, again i replace the battery and still the same behavior (here a video red lights). What i need to do? Reset the system with jumpers? Any idea also in what can cause a water drop inside the housing after the dive? Looking foward Dimitris
  6. Hi, Am looking for an Aquatica 70D housing. If any available around the corner, please let me know. D.
  7. Am interested. PM for details and more photos
  8. The problem is related to the battery cap. I have to change them as the metal part that contact with the batteries is almost flat and don't have a good contact. So, flash survive
  9. Thanks Tim I will run some more check (battery cap change, clean with vinegar n' water) and hope that will help. Let see of others have similar issues and save it D.
  10. Good morning Wetpixels ! A happy user of S&S 110a strobes for 5 years, after a dive with ENELOOP batteries, i have a flood (?) or battery problem. I find few water and battery fluids in the housing. I clean it carefully and dry it as well. After some days, i was preparing for a new dive and during the housing preparation i notice that this strobe didn't operate. No RED light after the position to ON. I test the same batteries to the second one and was perfect. So, any idea ? Flood ? Malfunction to the battery conpartment ? Any advice ? Can i serve it ? Does worth ? And if yes, to whom ? Thanks for Dimitris
  11. Am looking for S&S 110a strobe (s) in good and full working conditions. Open in resonable prices
  12. Thanks Tim The fix cost 250 euros (EXR) so just paid for Diopter for this lense is not something that i have see/read around, so the EXR will solve this. Bigger dome is also an option but for CFWA staff. Dimitris
  13. Hi Tim Example first > Aquatica mini dome + Canon 8-15 + 18453 EXR = Center crop https://copy.com/DxwZqGGdLV8i92L1 Low right crop https://copy.com/yIZvbHuxUjCd0WIE How much "better" can these be with the correct ? Images are from RAW > JPEG. No editing. Natural light shot @ 2m depth.
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