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  1. Hi WetPixelers

    I am a happy onwer of Aquatica housing for 70D equiped with the MOISTURE AND VACUUM SENSOR SYSTEM (http://www.aquatica.ca/en/accessories_surveyor.html).

    So far, it has more than 50 dives with no issues.

    Some days ago, after the end of the dive and the entry to the boat, the sensor start to blink red and the audible signal start.

    The camera and strobes work fine but the alarm was on.

    At the port, i open it an find 1 drop of water (!) at the lower part of the housing with no visible entry point.

    At home, i clean everything, remove the battery from the sensor system and after some hour i reposition and the system continue to flash red and the audible voice is on.

    Today, again i replace the battery and still the same behavior (here a video red lights).

    What i need to do? Reset the system with jumpers?

    Any idea also in what can cause a water drop inside the housing after the dive?

    Looking foward




  2. Good morning Wetpixels !


    A happy user of S&S 110a strobes for 5 years, after a dive with ENELOOP batteries, i have a flood (?) or battery problem. I find few water and battery fluids in the housing. I clean it carefully and dry it as well.

    After some days, i was preparing for a new dive and during the housing preparation i notice that this strobe didn't operate. No RED light after the position to ON. I test the same batteries to the second one and was perfect.


    So, any idea ? Flood ? Malfunction to the battery conpartment ? Any advice ? Can i serve it ? Does worth ? And if yes, to whom ?



    Thanks for



  3. Good morning


    Looking for a supplementary camera (video oriented) for my work (marine ecologist / cartographer) and having no great expectations about the image quality i want your view.


    Which of the above mentioned or any other camera ?


    The use will be the recording of seascapes (mediterranean reefs, sand banks, seagrass meadows, etc) for habitat mapping and for recording the biota.

    If needed we have the equipment for a "pro" result but is bulky and we need something "consumable"


    Any opinion/though is welcome.


    Depth of our work is max 55m.

  4. Hello Wetpixel community

    I face an issue with my Aquatica housing and i need a help as i cannot solve it by myself (i try lots of different solves but nothing work).

    As you can see in the image the red cirlced part is the one that rotate the back control of the camera and change the aperture as well as other controls. This part doesn't function as it has and i have to rotate it lots of times in order to chane it - it spins and glides. I change ths small rubber ring but no solution. I add some more rubber on, nothing. I assume that the problem comes from the green string.

    What can i use in order to replace the green string ?

    Or any other opinion / solution ?

    Does anybody face similar issue in the past ?



  5. Hello Wetpixel community,


    I have a minor issue and am looking for suggestions.

    I have an Aquatica 40/50D Canon underwater housing which has the old focus knobs.

    These are not so easy to be controld by using gloves.


    Apart from the XIX 404 focus knobs replacement, do we have other solutions ?

    Anybody who has replace them with the new Aquatica ?

    Any idea where to find them as well as the price ?



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