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  1. What extension rings you have for sale ?
  2. If you are wiiling to split it, i want to lens !!! And maybe the T3i ...
  3. Aquatica 16.5mm Extension Ring for Tokina 10-17 lens. Retail $220 / Asking $190 Tokina 10-17 Zoom Gear. Retail $131 / Asking $110 2ea Base Adapters. Retail $23.95ea / Asking $40 for both What about 300 $ plus shipping to Greece ?
  4. I have an Inon wet lense and am looking to use it with my Aquatica housing. Any idea ?
  5. http://www.flightstore.co.uk/search/micro-mesh Here you can find them in a reasonable price. I use Micro-Mesh Acrylic Restoral Kit - KR70 Aad they ship it to Greece, so ...
  6. Hello from Greece, Today, after my snorkeling with my Aquatica staff (8" dome port + Canon 17-85) i discover that in some images i have the reflection of the letters of the front part of the lense. Do you have any experience with such lense ? Dimitris
  7. Among the dealers i find on the website of Aquatica, i find also you and yes you response ASAP and i appriciate this. Also i forget that this period is the Easter, so.. i am just frustrate with this (my problem)... Hope that we will find a solution on the problem !!!
  8. Hello my friends Am an owner of an Aquatica housing for Canon 40/50D. I face a problem and till now Aquatica didn't answer on this issue (i expect some more professional after sales). Attached you can find some images with the part that needs to change. Can somebody check it out and tell me what and where to look for ? http://www.flickr.com/photos/homoaquaticus...57629739632135/ Thanks a lot Dimitris
  9. Hello I am between these two brands (Ike or Sea). What you would suggest ? Ike has TTL (with Ike strobes) Sea needs to use the internal flash (correct?) to use the strobes (YS110). Any suggestions ???
  10. Is the Housing available???? Stormcase iM2750??? Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot for the answers... Hope i will make the right choice...
  12. Hey, i am about bulding a DSLR setup and now i choose lense. My mainly focus will be on macro life and i am between 60mm and 100 mm macro lense. What you believe that will be better for this work? Other solutions (50mm compact macro CANON)? Thanks Dimitris Poursanidis
  13. is the housing and the camera still available? i am interesting in
  14. Good morning from the sunny Greece, I am a student in the dept. of Biology in Crete, and till now i shoot with my Canon G5 u/w Now i need something more and i am looking to migrate into dslr, but what? I am between Olympus E-510, Nikon D-80 and Canon 450D. the use will be mainly for macro photography... Housing will be Ikelite (is the cheapest? in the market). Macro for olympus maybe this Macro for Nikon ? Macro for Canon? Any help ???
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