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  1. Thanks for the info -- I think you both sort of confirmed what I suspected. Since I posted the question, I've actually decided to go even cheaper -- given what I already own. I have an old EWA Marine UFGM or something like that, designed for handling an SLR + 'potato masher' flash. I purchased a cheap used Sigma 50mm Macro for EOS mount, and I'm going to take my chances and stuff the EOS 10D+macro lens into the plastic bag, along with the big flash. The flash will be completely manual, but I figure that with digital I should be able to tweak the exposure pretty quickly to get it right. I'll just have to hope that the thing doesn't leak. I've used it several times before with an old Pentax SLR, and it seems to hold up fine. Undoubtedly the first leak will be with the 10D inside. Again, thanks for the help.
  2. I'm a once-a-year snorkeler looking to go digital cheap, and have narrowed my choices to either the Olympus C3030\PT-010 combo, or the newer C5050\PT015. A little shopping on eBay tells me that I can pick up "like new" C3030's for about $200, plus maybe $100 bucks or so for the housing -- $300-$350 total. On the other hand, a new C5050 plus PT-015 runs about $700 total at B&H Photo. I have a Canon EOS 10D for "on-shore" pictures, so the housed camera really won't be used for anything else. Bottom line: I'm inclined to go for the C3030, since it is obviously capable of very nice results, and really, the picutures taken while snorkeling aren't going to justify buying nice equipment anyway. My question is this: Are there any really, really irritating quirks, etc of the C3030 that would make the money spent on the C5050 worthwhile? In particular, I'm thinking of things like the slow shutter response which has supposedly been improved on the new cameras. How about the PT-010? Is the PT-015 superior in any way?
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