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  1. Gosh! Thank you all SOOOO much for your time and effort in responding to my questions!! This has been exceptionally helpful!! What I hear you saying is that I should focus on the housing and strobes because that will spark more interest for me. In the long run I can work toward better lenses and ports. I am really trying to stay under $3000 for "all-new" equipment so that sort of limits me for right now. If I stay under that maximum, I will be severly limited in terms of a lens and port. The only one that I will be able to get will be the Canon 18-55mm with the 6" dome port. Of course, the trade-off will be that I will have a strobe and even then, I may have to go with the lower priced strobe, the D51 (or something like that). Of course, I could consider a cheaper housing set-up like that Fantasea line, but the reviews appear to be less than stellar. Any thoughts on a start-up set under $3000? Any information would be helpful!! Thanks....Ali
  2. Hello! I am an advanced diver but have discovered an interest in underwater photography. Before, I guess I just liked being underwater and didn't really care about quality photos but my family has generously given me a Christmas gift of an underwater set-up of my choosing (within reason, of course!). I have chosen the following: Canon XTi DSLR Ikelite Housing Sigma 10-20mm lens 8"dome port with shade The strobes will come later, but the D-125s seem to be what most recommend. My question to this forum is.....is what I have chosen a decent starting set up for someone interested in more serious underwater photography than say a reefmaster? In addition, the Ikelite port chart lists some sort of zoom issue with my lens selection. Being that I am ignorant to the technical terminology, does anyone know what they are talking about? Thanks in advance for your time!! Ali
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