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  1. I have used a pvc pipe end cover and some bungee cord as a cover for my 4" dome cover as shown, easy to use, perfect for boat easy to clip on and off underwater.
  2. I use the aquatica mini dome which I removed the shade petals with a dremel ( removed the glass first). I have used the port with the 8-15 and also with 15 mm fisheye (also with kenkco 1.5x teleconverter). I can't recall which extension I use with the 8-15mm but I did write to aquatica to correct there original option.
  3. It's that time to show your highlight favourite picture for 2015. I know it's traditional for a single image which doesn't get adhered to, so here I go ignoring the single image with 3. The first couple are my first sightings both of which are from the Philippines, a Thresher Shark, along with a Flamboyant Cuttlefish. The last image is was from one of my favourite places Stradbroke Island Australia.
  4. Hi There, I have recently received an email from Solent News from the UK to publish/ distribute one or more of my photos. They are offering 50% for this. Any dealings with Solent and any other advice comments. Thanks Matti Https://mattiovaska.com
  5. A couple of Favorites, both memories from two fantastic holidays, first with the Humpback Whales in Tonga where we had amazing encounters with heat runs along with Mothers & calfs. The second to wrap up the end of the year at North Stradbroke Island. Hoping for more and better experiences for the new Year, Cheers Matti http://mattiovaska.com
  6. Apart from being a little overcast a perfect autumn dive at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay Australia. Still some Leopard (zebra) sharks hanging around mantas and a couple of Grey Nurse Sharks ( ragged tooth/ sand tigers). Also the resident turtles. Www.mattiovaska.com
  7. Thanks for the comments only wished the trip could be longer so you can have more time experiencing where you are and how special a place it is.
  8. Hi There, I have been back a month now from my trip down to Antarctica. This was a tourist trip leaving from Ushuaia Argentina steaming across the Drake Passage. Cruising down the Antarctic peninsula sight seeing and diving. The gallery link is a small selection to date of what I saw (still going through photos & will add more as time goes by). I thing that really surprised me was the colours underwater which was a kaleidoscope colours compared to the almost total monochrome of the surface world. http://mattiovaska.com/gallery/195909 Link corrected. http://mattiovaska.com/
  9. Here is one my favorites from reasonably local dive site of Byron Bay. It is of the summer time visitors a Leopard Shark (or Zebra). And following everyone else a second from a trip through Indonesia with the whale sharks of Cenderawashi bay. And third from the Philippines in Barracuda lake at Coron. http://mattiovaska.com also on vimeo.
  10. I have made up length of rope to which I have spliced two quick snaps to. It serves as a carry handle or with one end unclipped from housing it can be then clipped off to bcd. Please refer to attached photo. Regards Matti Http://mattiovaska.com
  11. Hi Peter, Does look similar in action. So who knows? Potentially from Cenderawashi or could even be curious or just following a plankton stream? All we can hope for that these sharks are protected along with other shark species before it's to late. Matti
  12. Cool video Peter, it was interesting to see the female there as all the reports I have seen said that it was a male population. I missed seeing the one larger Whale Shark which was up to 10m in length so it seems that there might be also an adult (or young adult) population there. Either way a great experience to swim with them. I hope it stays that way. Matti
  13. Hi there, Please find attached below a link to my latest video on the Whale Sharks of West Papua. Cheers Matti
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