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  1. Paul, both systems are SOLD Thanks for your interest
  2. For some reason I'm not able to send you a PM....please PM me and I hope to respond. Karl
  3. I have 2 complete Ikelite systems for the D200. Perfect working order and condition. Each system includes: Ikelite #6812 Housing with iTTL control and ULCS tray/handles 2 DS 125's with battery and updated electronics ULCS strobe arms, cables 8"Dome port and macro ports for 60 and 105 $1500 each
  4. My wife and I were on the Ondina for the next scheduled trip with Deb and Tony. Our group had several excellent, well traveled photographers onboard and I never heard a negative comment. Goes to show you how a bad apple can spoil the barrel. We found the trip to be exactly as advertised and it exceeded our expectations due primarily to the hard work of the excellent crew and to Deb's experience and attention for creating a "photo rich environment". This was by far the best "photography oriented" dive trip that we've ever taken.
  5. 3 used DS125 batteries in very good condition Old style battery $50ea Old style charger $50ea 1 available Shipping included to US address
  6. Like new....used on 2 dive trips 2 Ikelite DS-200 strobes and rechargeable batteries No diffusers $800 each ..... free shipping.....paypal only to US address
  7. Thanks James...the image is unaltered except for a slight crop. Eric, you know me better than that I don't really understand what's going on, but it's a shutter drag at 1/10 second on shutter priority and rear curtaiin sync Here's another one shot last year in bonarie And a couple of my favorites from Turks and Caicos
  8. After a year from our last dive trip, Kimberly and I finally got wet again in Little Cayman. A great trip and not only did we remember how to dive....nothing flooded ;D ;D Please check out our website for more photos www.kdietz.com Karl
  9. AF-C has two menu options that control shutter release Focus Priority fires when focus in achieved Shutter Priority fires anytime the shutter is pushed...not necessarily in focus
  10. Don't believe everything you read....the INON can't compare with the DS200 power and spread
  11. DS200 GN is 38....this is a very large and very powerful strobe....much larger than the Inon
  12. One of our D200's quit autofocusing on a trip to Lembeh.....it would cycle out and back and would never lock on focus Had to send it back twice to finally get it fixed by Nikon.....seems to work fine now Karl
  13. Daryl, nice to see another D200 user in Fort Worth Nice shots of Mr. Big....btw, I would not crop the second shot to match Karl
  14. 2GB was fine for the D70, but we went to 4GB with the D200....btw, we shoot RAW only Karl
  15. You won't be disappointed with Ikelite
  16. I use them both....they don't ever come off, so if the o-ring is damaged....oh well Karl
  17. Ken, I'm glad to hear that you've got it resolved. Karl
  18. try moving the strobe back a little or aim it straight ahead and "paint" your subject with edge lighting Karl
  19. Ken.....aka....."ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER" I'm sure sorry to hear about your problems with your gear. I have to say that your story is one of the very, very, very few that we hear around here regarding negative Ikelite service. After dealing first hand with Ikelite for 5 years with numerous housings, strobes, etc. I have a hard time believing that these problems manifested with Ikelite. Your ranting and threats sure aren't going to get you any respect from people on this board because we know and deal with Ikelite on a regular basis. I'd be willing to bet that the true problem is upstream of Ikelite. Karl
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