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  1. Crispy one Patrick.....that 10.5mm is sharp Karl
  2. Every housing made can have these issues and most do....proper pre-dive checks and maintenance is where the responsibility lies Karl
  3. WTG Mike.....can't wait to get my copy I remember that shot from an article in Shark Diver magazine? Karl
  4. I use spot for both WA and macro Karl
  5. It's hard to beat Buddy Dive....IMHO Karl
  6. I've been lucky to meet quite a few...all great people I'm sure I've missed a couple... James Wiseman and Sarah Eric Cheng Larry Oberlander Mary Lou & Jackie Reid Tony Matheis Deb Fugitt Chris Parsons Dave Haupt Rand McMeins Richard Perry Ryan Canon Laz Ruda Mauricio Handler Stephen Frink David Lenderman Marty Steinberg Chuck Jensen Juerg Vonwil Woody Mayhew Mike Gerber Jim March Craig Jones Karl
  7. Try Woody at www.nexusamerica.com I think he was/is a dealer...he might have some parts, etc. Karl
  8. I used 2gb Lexar 80x and Sandisk Ultra II in my D70's. I had no problem holding a full day of shooting RAW on one card. I would think a 4gb would be overkill for a D70....now a D2X or a D200 might be a different story Some people are nervous about having a full days work on one card, but I'm not too worried about a good CF card going bad. Karl
  9. Eric, that's correct if you want to use the shutter half depress to activate focus. I can't imagine why you are having these problems with this setup. Karl
  10. Eric, I was referring to the AE/AF button on the back of the camera. Go to your custom menu and check the setting #15. What is it set on? Karl
  11. There's a complete rig for sale at www.digitaldiver.net
  12. Eric, I'm very sorry to hear about your bad experience with your new rig. Are you sure you are using a 5503? They aren't usually marked, maybe you've got it switched with another dome? That combination should work great. No diopter needed. Even in manual mode, the DOF on that lens is so great that you should have gotten some in focus shots. How were you starting focus?.....half depress shutter or AF-ON button? Is it possible that the AF-On button was activated and you were trying to activate focus with the half depressed shutter? That would lead to out of focus shots. Karl
  13. I want to go so bad.....very nice collection of shots Bruce......What do you call the fish in the last shot? Karl
  14. Chuck, I just noticed your question. The 18-70mm is a good lens underwater, but we don't use it anymore. We seem to want to shoot at the extremes of WA or macro.....the 18-70mm doesn't do either very well Karl
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