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  1. Wow....a very nice collection of shots.....underwater and topside....Malaysia is on my list to visit someday! BTW, #22 is a clown trigger Karl
  2. It's right below the "joystick thing" Karl
  3. Did you accidently hit the lock lever? Karl
  4. She is in Raja Ampat right now....back Thanksgiving
  5. Congrats again David.....that trip was worth the wait Karl
  6. Hi John.... While you can shoot the 60mm behind a dome port, you will not acheive the same magnification that you could get through a flat port. Ikelite's 60mm flat ports are made to either be manual focus only or AF only...you can't switch between the two like you can with the 105 port. I would recommend the AF only port. Every shot on my website has been taken in AF...FWIW Karl
  7. If I was only buying two lenses, I would go with the 60mm macro and a Sigma 15 WA Karl
  8. the CL100 is correct for Ikelite flat ports....60mm or 105mm....works great! Reef Photo Karl
  9. Sigma 15 will focus closer ....very sharp
  10. Excellent set of images Larry....it was nice to see all the topside shots....the lizard is awesome What lens did you use for the WA shots? Karl
  11. Very nice slideshow Eric.....excellent photos.....well done Karl
  12. For Sale in Excellent Shape Canon ZR50MC video camera $250 Ikelite Video housing #6040: for the Canon ZR50MC- $1000 for all except camera and wide angle lens 2 complete Provideo Lite II Systems. Each System includes: Lite head Mounting Arm Battery Pack Quick Release Toggle Mounting System Cable with In-line Switch Smart Chargerthe 100 Watt - #6340.05 One is the 50 watt - #6340.55 Extras: #1405.06 - 6" Battery Cable #9362 - Stacking Toggle These two items make it possible to stack 2 batteries for use at the same time, giving you longer use of the video lites I also have an extra 100watt bulb (new)for use as a spare or to change out the 50watt system and give you Sea and Sea wide angle lens $250 Paypal preferred Shipping by buyer
  13. Sorry Chris, I've sold both of them Karl
  14. Gianni, I took these two phots on the same dive in the T&C with a 60mm in August.... Karl
  15. Luiz, you got my my feeble attempt at humor and an "atta boy" for one of our sponsors....
  16. My wife took this in Cozumel last year....I've been waiting all year for Halloween to post it Karl
  17. Like new iTTL D70 housing with Ikelite double handle tray...used on one dive trip...in perfect condition...no ports $1000 D70 body only available...$550 SOLD!
  18. Well done Larry....sorry to hear about the weather, but at least you got to go diving Karl
  19. Welcome Cory.....I'd get some DAN underwater insurance and take that D2X diving I'll be willing to bet that you'll end up wanting to do that eventually and you can avoid the expense of housing the D100 first The most expensive part of shooting underwater is changing equipment....do it once and do it right Karl
  20. Spring of 2002......I was researching an Olympus c4040 for underwater use and found a link.....as my limited memory serves me Karl
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