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  1. Good call Arnon...I would not be surprised if that was his problem.... This happened to me once.....luckily we can access that switch in the Ikelite housing Karl
  2. I can polish out rubber knife marks in 15min. Karl
  3. I use this lens and have been very happy with it....I read that it's slow, but it's met everything that I've thrown at it....I'll add that I don't shoot sports, but I do shoot sharks at the surface, etc. Karl
  4. I put a small piece of electrical tape on the rib that depresses the focus ring button....solved the problem for me Karl
  5. Excellent catch with the Hamlets Karl
  6. I believe the Woody slip on increases magnification by 20%.....+/- $75. I think the Macromates are in the $500 - $550 range and increase magnification by 100% FWIW, I use the Woody's on my 60mm and 105mm..with and without diopters with great results Karl
  7. check out our sponsors on the right side of these pages
  8. Hi David......Welcome to Wetpixel......it's good to see you here Karl
  9. You will not be disappointed with the Ikelite IMHO Karl
  10. A very nice collection of shots....you should call it "Faces" Karl
  11. Beautiful shots of beautiful scenery I'm in Cancun next week for my wife's business meeting....I may try to come over to Coz on Tue or Wed....are you still diving with Deep Blue? Karl
  12. I routinely use "save for web" and have never changed to sRBG....when do you do it and how? after 'save for web'? Karl
  13. WTG Christa.....got mine today Karl
  14. Looks like fun Eric.....wish we could make it Karl
  15. The best thing about Ikelite's iTTL module is the ability to still use manual control of your strobes....just push the buttons next to your left thumb instead of reaching for the manual controllers....getting rid of the manual controllers also lightens and cleans up your rig....plus you can still use iTTL for macro if you want Karl
  16. Kees, Looks familiar We were there in mid September also... We didn't find any seahorses, but we did get a couple of frogfish... I like your trio of goatfish....nice pose Karl
  17. Interesting variety of critters....I'd have never guessed that they had Harlequin Shrimp....I also liked the orange eyed blenny Karl
  18. Very nice....I like the diagonal flow of the Anemone/Clownfish and the first two WA's... Karl
  19. Works for me too.....2 - 8" ULCS arms with Ikelite iTTL housing....now you can get rid of the manual controllers....you will love how "cleaned up" your rig will be without them....the manual strobe control on the iTTL module works great Karl
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