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  1. I've used the triple clamp before and didn't like it that much.....the idea makes sense, but I found that when I would loosen it a little to adjust one of the arms...everything would move instead of just the one arm that I was interested in moving....could just be me Karl
  2. #2 and #3 are really well done Karl
  3. Gianster, I use ULCS arms, so I attached one of their AC-ARM hardware pieces which allow you to bolt a ball stud to one of the arms I use the AD-SSL longer focus light adapters on the Fisheye Karl
  4. I added the insanely expensive Fisheye Fix light to my rig and now I can't do without it.....helps the 105 to focus in the day and serves as a great primary light at night....get an extra battery Karl
  5. Just for you Mike Black Durgeon (Melichthys niger) This variety of Trigger fish is found throughout the tropical zones, usually hovering above reefs. It tends to inhabit clear seaward reefs, from the reef front to deeper waters. The Black Durgeon grows to about 35 cm in length. To feed this fish grazes on bottom and drifting calcareous algae, crustaceans, sponges and small invertebrates, occasionally feeding on zooplankton. Karl
  6. I love the Black Durgeon shot.....very tough subject to get close enough for that much detail....guess the extra working distance helped on this one? Karl
  7. Nice collection of tiny critters....well composed and lit.....105? Karl
  8. I see an attitude...even at this young age Karl
  9. Andrew, just tell your friends that it's "clear aluminum" Karl go to My Webpage for some shots with Ikelite housings
  10. James....WTG on your first gallery....I like the website....easy to use You have got some great subjects from your trip and you've got a good eye for compostion, but you need to work on your exposure/strobe control....many seem to be overexposed. Tell us more about your rig and how you set it up to shoot....maybe we can make some suggestions for nailing exposures on your next trip Good Job Karl
  11. Luiz, you beat me to it Here's another link http://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/cgi-bin...wYWdlPTE*&p_li= Karl
  12. Congrats......well deserved Karl
  13. I looking for a Nikon 60mm 2.8D micro lens in excellent shape US shipping only please VOID....I bought one Karl
  14. I've got two 105's, but we seem to both want to use the 60mm.....it can do fish portraits or 1:1 macro on the same dive....especially with the Woody's diopter The size of the macro critters you expect to shoot might influence your choice Don't overlook the versatility of the 60mm Karl
  15. As I understand, Nikon and Canon are the only dual element diopters......other brands are single element and not as good Karl
  16. Lambis, I'll have to think about your questions and respond again later....but I can say that your site is very well designed and it works well.....very unique and graphic.....great photos also Karl
  17. Thanks for the positive feedback.....Bonaire is a great destination for photographers We used the 60 + Woody's and the 105 with a 4T diopter + Woody's for most of the macro shots....we kept coming back to the 60 for it's versatility....fish portraits or 1:1 on the same dive..... All WA was shot with the 8" dome and Sigma 15 Karl
  18. There are numerous methods to buff out minor scratches on polycarbonate domes....I use a kit made for airplane windshields that works great....very minor scratches can be buffed out with paste toothpaste! This was discussed a few months ago....a search may help locate the thread Karl
  19. I can't figure out the ID on this guy....shot in Bonaire Karl
  20. Kimberly and I just got back from 9 days in Bonaire. We had a great time and the diving was excellent. We worked on trying to portray the usual reef suspects in some fresh ways. Not that easy with such common critters.....you Pacific travellers have it made with all the great subjects Please check out our website www.kdietz.com for the complete gallery Spawning Barrel Sponge Christmas Tree Worm Kimberly Frogfish Karl
  21. Hi Greg, I'm one of the guys you talked to in Bonaire. I'm sorry we didn't have time to talk more about your camera problem when we met at the "air station". I had a couple of issues with one of my DS-125's when I first got them in 2002, but I've never had another problem since. I own 3 DS-125's and 2 DS-50's and they have all been working great for the last 3 1/2 years. I would send them directly to Ikelite, but contact them first to see if they want you to send in your housing, sync cord and camera also. I hope you still had a good trip.....we sure did Karl
  22. The only way to use iTTL with an Ikelite housing is with the DS-125 or DS-50 strobes. the Inons will not work with iTTL. Ikelite does not offer glass domes. Their flat ports are glass however. The polycarbonate domes can be repaired very easily, even on dive trips. Karl
  23. Turks & Caicos.....first dive with the Magic Filter......35 feet.....75'viz.....and I shot up Karl
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