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  1. I shot the Tigers in the Bahamas with AF-C, autofocus, 12-24mm and 15mm with no problem Karl
  2. Well Done....very nice photos Karl
  3. Ok George, you can't leave us hanging like this Karl
  4. I'm with Mike.....I always use AF with the 105.....with the Fisheye focus light, hunting is minimal If I had a bigger viewfinder I might try MF , but I've used the 105 with a 3T diopter and a Woodys and still didn't have any trouble with AF I know I'm in the minority, but oh well! Karl
  5. Yes.....#CL100 BTW, only use Nikon diopters....the cheaper units are single element while the Nikon and Canon diopter are double element Karl
  6. The Nikon 4T will barely touch and scratch the end of the port with the 105....the Nikon 3T works because it's approximately 1/16" shorter.....you could use the 4T with manual focus and just not rack the focus all the way out. I've used the 3T and the Woody's diopter at the same time with good results on the 105. I find it handy to be able to take it off during the dive for certain subjects. I also got very good results with the 60macro and Woody's. Karl
  7. Nice work....I really like the last shot Karl
  8. Eric, I especially liked your topside photos and reports...what an adventure Your Longnose Hawkfish pose stood out to me Karl
  9. Peter, those are the best shots i"ve seen with the 18-70 lens......actually great shots for any lens Great color saturation and excellent compostion.....well done Karl
  10. Hi Al, When conditions are less than clear bright water, longer lens sometime "hunt" for a focus lock....a wide beam focus light will brighten up the subject and will allow the lens to focus faster I use my focus lignt primarily with the 105 macro and the 60mm macro....it makes a huge difference in acheiving quick focus I use the same light as my primary night dive light Smaller narrow beam..."cheaper".....lights are very hard to aim on smaller macro subjects....that's why the more expensive, but wide beam focus lights are worth the money....they are so wide, you really don't have to aim them....their wide coverage will hit everything in the lens FOV Karl
  11. I resisted the Fisheye light for months....no way I'm going to spend that much on a flashlight!! I now have 2 of them.....go figure Karl
  12. It would fire out of focus if set to AF-C Karl
  13. Congrats on your new rig the DS-125's would be a good choice.....if you upgrade the housing to iTTL, the DS-125's or DS-50's are the only strobes that will work in iTTL FWIW, I would get the flat port for the 60mm Karl
  14. Thanks Todd and James James, Mauricio's Kodak shots looked great....the resolving power of 14mp is impressive....it was also interesting to see what he saw on the same dives as the rest of us....on dives that we struggled to find subject matter, we would capture as least one outstanding image....that was a good lesson in itself Karl
  15. Dave Haupt.....aka dbh.....and I just returned from a Mauricio Handler Photo Workshop on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor last week. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who would enjoy an intense week of instruction and practical underwater application. Mauricio's enthusiasm for the art of underwater image making is infectious and he has a well thought out series of daily lectures. Mauricio teaches you think about all aspects of composition and lighting before you fire the shutter and arms you with enough practical knowledge of camera control to help you make it happen. Please check out my website gallery www.kdietz.com These are darker on my work computer than what I was seeing at home...please let me know how they look on your monitors Karl
  16. Damien, the clamp allows for manual zoom....AF will be auto Karl
  17. If you are on a budget, I'd get the Sigma 15 FE. If not, I'd get the 12-24 and then the 10.5mm Karl
  18. Considering the conditions, the Magic Filter gave you some impressive results...amazing color for dark water Karl
  19. Hi James....hope you two are having a great time.....nice gallery of shots....the two WA's you posted are two of my favorites Karl
  20. I enjoyed that Drew.....thanks for posting.....nice footage Karl
  21. David.....your website is excellent Karl
  22. Hi Al.....nice shots for your first time under with a DSLR.....looks like you'll have the opportunity to dive a lot, so your learning curve with be short FYI, the rear/main o-ring on an Ikelite housing does not require grease....in fact, the grease can help attract hairs, lint, etc. as you found The port o-ring does require the lightest application of Ike grease Enjoy Karl
  23. I really like the lighting on the first shot.....a different perspective of a relatively common subject....well done BTW, when I hit one of your shots on your website for an enlarged view....I don't get anything?????? I would love to see the bigger versions Karl
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