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  1. Nice scenery Larry....I especially like the little red fishing boat Karl
  2. you nailed the exposure on this one Mike......and with all that white right there.....well done Karl
  3. My D70 goes on every dive that I do......I only get to dive on a few trips a year, so I try to take full advantage of my opportunities Karl
  4. I got mine yesterday Mike.....I'll check it closer tonight and let you know Karl
  5. Try some of the sponsors on this board....you'll find it helpful to be able to speak to someone knowledgable about the equipment options, etc. Reef Photo & Video Marine Camera Distributors Karl
  6. Mike....the last one has major WOW factor Karl
  7. Kim, sorry to hear your story....I can't imagine that the sensor wouldn't pick up even in that water I assume your controller is switched for the DS-125? Karl
  8. Rand....you are the king of cleaning stations Karl
  9. If I was going to limit myself to two lens for UW use.....I would choose the 105macro and the Sigma 15 FE for WA I've got all the lens and use each one in differenct situations, but these two are my workhorses Karl
  10. Impressive close up Peter.....I see that I'm not using the full potential of my 10.5mm Karl
  11. Very nice job.....your topside shots are outstanding....judging by them, your UW learning curve will be very fast Karl
  12. Ditto for the 2GB....I can shoot all day in RAW without opening the housing Karl
  13. Thanks Dave.....it's on it's way to CA.....what do you think about sending one in before it happens?.....a waste if it never happens or good insurance? Karl
  14. Not yet I understand that the fix is a one time thing.....I still really like this camera and until the D200 comes out, I'm very satisfied with the D70 Karl
  15. My wife's D70 died yesterday with the dreaded "BGLOD".....blinking green light of death....apparently this is a real problem with early model D70's...... I've never heard of this problem, but after reading dpreviews forums I find that it's quite common with early production units......out of nowhere, the CF green light starts blinking and the camera is dead....Nikon is supposedly fixing even if out of warranty, but we'll see Now I'm worried about mine as we approach a trip to Bonaire in September Karl
  16. Welcome Timo.....good to have another D70 user Karl
  17. Hi Tony.....welcome to Wetpixel With the slave option, your strobe can be triggered by another photographer.....can be very irritating for you and for the other guys <_< Karl
  18. Adorama B+W close up lens +4.....considered by most as the best Karl
  19. Alex, I'll take one for the Sigma 15.....thanks Karl
  20. Pepesub.....welcome to Wetpixel Nice colors on the mating nudis! Thanks for posting Karl
  21. Bummer....I'm sure Ikelite will correct it quickly for you..... Do you have the red band on the bad strobe?....if not, try that....TTL should then work for the primary strobe and you should be able to use one of the manual settings on the secondary strobe Karl
  22. Double check to make sure the strobe is set to TTL Karl
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