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  1. Next time send it straight to Ikelite.....in 5 years I've never had anything less than excellent response and service Karl
  2. Another real world answer to your question. I'm looking at a 20 x 30 blowup from my D70 that is stunning at any distance. Karl
  3. Guess you're talking about looking through it while sitting on a countertop?....I would just rest it on something to keep from putting undue pressure on the locking clips.... It's no problem underwater.....go ahead and buy a polishing kit....no matter how careful you handle it, it will end up with minor scratches....they don't affect image quality because the water fills them up, but if they get deep, you can easily work them out Karl
  4. We were there a month again and no problems. Karl
  5. I have 3 DS-125's and had a couple of flooding issues when I first got them in 2002, but I haven't had any problems since they were replaced by Ikelite. They have been workhorses for many dives ever since. I occassionally hear about recent DS-125 floods, but not like the early years after they were introduced. Send it in and Ikelite will fix it. Karl
  6. Ikelite's iTTL works great with the D200 for macro....I still use manual for WA Set your strobes to TTL and then set your TTL dial to "0" for ttl and adjust if required. This article is by Dave Haas and will be very helpful to you. Dave Haas article on Ikelite TTL Karl
  7. I would highly recommend shooting underwater in RAW and Auto WB. You can adjust the WB anyway you want in Raw, but my first use of the D200 yielded very little WB correction for macro shots and just a little more for WA. Karl
  8. Ken, very good trip report....thanks for taking the time to document your trip....very informative and helpful for anyone considering this trip You have a very nice collection of photos, but they are a little large and slow to download, even with the T1 line at work....you might consider file sizes closer to 650 x 488 otherwise you are going to lose a lot of people with slower connections....just my $.02 worth Karl
  9. Tom, are you talking about the Nikkor 12-24 DX? I own the lens and only use it when I'm shooting sharks and/or larger fish in a WA context. This lens must be shot at f8 to keep the corners sharp...IMHO. For pure WA, I prefer the 10.5mm or Sigma 15 Karl
  10. Interesting thread......when I really think about it, the 60 would be my choice....10.5 second Karl
  11. Once again proof that it's the Indian and not the Arrow....I doubt the 5D can improve on this shot unless the exact combination of camera settings, water condition, sun angle, etc. are at play in exactly the same way Well done Stu Karl
  12. A single DS-125 will work great at almost any aperture and shutter speed for macro shooting with the 60mm. Always use manual.....f16-f22 and 1/125 for starters....strobe at 1/2 power or TTL if you have it Karl
  13. I think you are right Rand....these are shot at F4 1/60....works great for the fourth one down, but f16 to f22 would give you much more DOF Karl
  14. It should happen naturally on a night dive, but you can acheive a similar result in daylight with a higher shutter speed. Karl
  15. Awesome work Lambis.....truly awesome Karl
  16. A fair assessment from Stu on most counts FWIW....my NEF files are 15+ MB D200 is 1/2 the price of the 5D Karl
  17. Kind of tough following Alex Karl D200...60mm....f22 @ 1/200
  18. Larry, this confirms that it takes a sense of humor to live with you BTW, that reef looks awful Karl
  19. Really nice quality of light and color.....well done Karl
  20. I used this charger on my last trip to Lembeh and it worked great....it replaced two 4 battery chargers and helped in my packing a little....very fast Karl
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