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  1. You have a nice collection of shots.....what lens did you use for your super macro shots? Good detail Karl
  2. I own the Nikon 12-24, but if I was buying today I'd give considerable thought to the Tokina 12-24 at half the cost....reviews show them even in quality Karl
  3. Peter, sorry to hear about your troubles....you have some nice shots on your website, so you must be having a good time regardless? Sounds like you have all the bases covered....do you have the strobe set to TTL? It must be set to TTL whether you are using TTL or manual on the housing. If the TTL continues to not work, I would definitely start using manual strobe power settings....I would go back to 100 ISO....1/125 at f16 with the 60mm....set your strobe power to -1....the exposure should be very close as long as you are very close to your subject Good Luck Karl
  4. You might consider ISO 200 to 400 with the D200....that would be better than images that are too dark Karl
  5. Congrats....nice accomplishment Karl
  6. Larry, did you end up with Deep Blue and Casa Mexicana or somewhere else? Karl
  7. FWIW, I can second the Atomic frameless Ultra Clear mask....excellent mask Karl
  8. D70s 60mm A single DS125 will be great with the 60mm...this is a core lens and once you get more experience, the 18-55mm will stay in your bag IMHO Save for another DS-125 and 8" dome to use with the Sigma 15...an excellent WA lens Karl
  9. Looks great on my monitor Larry....got to love that Cozumel structure and color and water clarity Karl
  10. Image quality improvements become subjective without controlled testing, but I can tell you that I'll never use anything but the 8" dome in the future. The 6" was good with the 10.5mm, but IMHO the 8" is superior for the Sigma 15 and Nikon 12-24....it also makes the rig nearly neutral with dual strobes....very easy to handle underwater. Karl
  11. Wow, what a place to dive....nice job with the photos....very well done! Karl
  12. Congrats on a fantastic opportunity and on a fantastic set of images....very well done Karl
  13. You've selected a great system to start still UW photography.....nice series of WA's....well done Karl
  14. Hi Ron.....welcome to Wetpixel If you are going to get an Ikelite D200 housing you will need the DS series strobes to work the iTTL. If you are getting any of the other housings, your SS200 should work fine in manual...iTTL will not be an option. Karl
  15. Congrats Steve....I especially like the Whale Shark....very dramatic Karl
  16. Excellent group of photos....very well composed....awesome for a first time with digital....your film background is obvious Karl
  17. A very nice collection of shots.....lots of frogfish! Karl
  18. Cool shots.....nice job on the breaking waves Karl
  19. Well done Claude.....excellent images especially with a new camera and rig I lke the feather duster macro....good detail....I'm surprised to see a slow shutter speed on several of your marcros? Karl
  20. James is from California.....we're only letting him live in Texas Karl
  21. Great set of images, but the turtle shot is outstanding....... Karl
  22. Ditto on the second DS-125.....same color light.....same power....redundant in case of flood.....one charger.....you'll need a dual cord and a single cord....duplicate cords is smart....cheap insurance I carry two chargers and no extra batteries....again redundancy is your friend....I bought an extra battery once and never used it....the 125's will last several dives and they recharge very quickly....plenty of time between dive for charging...2 chargers are way better than one charger and one extra battery....IMHO and experience Karl
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