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  1. I wasn't able to access you website Man, that's a fat hammerhead ..... excellent capture Familiar story for Ike's customer service....it's the best! Karl
  2. Kees, You have some really nice shots in your gallery.....your WA's are especially nice....the water clarity was great Well Done Karl
  3. Thanks for the tips Rand....I used the 60 + 2X in Lembeh last month and didn't like the results from a couple of dives, so I punted and just kept the 60 on for the rest of the trip....I should have tried more dives with a 2X.... You may not get many keepers with the 2X, but when you nail one...it's a keeper Well Done Karl
  4. Thanks James.....we had a great trip with the HUPS group.....excellent group of people This will be our first weekend at home in about 5 weeks, so we'll be missing the workshop this weekend. I know it will be good because Dennis was thinking about it all the time in Lembeh Of course if there was ever anyone who can multi-task....it is Dennis! Karl
  5. Arnon, the beaded anemone is very different from the usual giant anemones that we usually see....yes, that color is very representative of what we saw Karl
  6. Definitely get rid of the manual controllers.....too much bulk and the TTL/Manual dial on the back of the housing is even easier to use The only negative is that both strobes will have the same power level....with the controllers you can adjust them independently....if you need different light levels, just move one strobe farther away Karl
  7. Richard....nice photos and a nice read on your website.....well done! Karl
  8. Paul, I used to feel the same way, but I used iTTL for macro for the first time on our Lembeh trip with the D200 and I was totally satisfied with the results. I still use manual for WA, but don't discount TTL for macro unless you have tried it. You might be surprised....I was! Karl
  9. Great colors.....cool critter Karl
  10. Larry.....90 is a side gilled slug.....Euselenops Luniceps 68 is a Melibe Mirifica Nudibranch...I think Thanks Mike.....the frogfish is one of Kimberly's Karl
  11. Kimberly and I returned from a great adventure to KBR at Lembeh Straits and I had a 4 day add-on to Gangga Island for WA diving. We had the "all too common" camera related problems, including one of the new D200's with a broken autofocus, 2 dead DS200's, minor flood in rinse tank, etc., etc......but with backups and a borrowed 5050, we never missed a dive without a camera. I was expecting more WOW shots from this trip, but for whatever reason, they never really happened. We seemed more engrossed with the subject matter and not the "art". The water quality could have contributed to our shots not being as sharp as I want, but we are pleased with what we accomplished. Please check out our Lembeh gallery at www.kdietz.com Karl
  12. On my Ikelite D200 housing, to use manual flash control, you set the strobes to TTL and dial in the manual power setting with the dial on the back of the housing. If you use the power settings on the strobe, I don't know where the TTL/Manual knob should be located. I have a suspicion that it won't work that way. Karl
  13. Joel....LOL.....got my 2 in time for our trip to KBR.....I'm somewhere between Tokyo and Singapore as we speak Karl
  14. A diopter is not neccesary with any flat port, but you can go for more magnification with a 3T (1.5x) or 4T (3x) close up lens Karl
  15. Gordon, a very good start with your new rig. I like the personally of the tube sponge and blenny....good blue water with the diver shot....the foreground needs some color, so you should have been closer Well done for your first pictures....my first shots didn't look this good! Karl
  16. I understand about the file sizes......I upgraded to 4gb cards with the D200.....2gb were fine with the D70 Karl
  17. Why aren't you shooting in RAW?......then all these settings are meaningless and you can control your colors as you like? Karl
  18. The zoom still works with the 8" dome, at least it does with the Nikkor 12-24 or 18-70....I would assume the same for the Canon or Sigma lenses Karl
  19. I would go for the DS-125 ..... down the road when you get a wider lens, you'll need another one and the DS-50's won't cover a 10-20 or whatever nearly as well Karl
  20. Sears sells a great strap wrench that works well for unscrewing the stalks ..... get the small one for $5 Karl
  21. Very nice shot Ted.....I like the out of focus background.....well done! Karl
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