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  1. A very nice recognition of your work....congrats Karl
  2. Unscrew the vinyl cover over the lever....the lever is the screw.....it will have an allen head socket in the end Loosen and slide out slightly to change the setting Karl
  3. Luiz, I'm not familiar with those cameras or housings, but sometimes I fine tune the knob location on the shaft to get a better fit with controls, etc. Karl
  4. Hello Gadi, Good to hear from you again.....your Bahamas photos look familiar.....nice job on your website......you have a lot of very nice photos! Karl
  5. Thank Luiz and James.....two conflicting answers actually, I expected it, but I like to hear what people think to add to my own observations.....it's a tough call because my DS-125's have really been reliable workhorses for several years....now that I've got a 100 ISO camera, I'm thinking that the extra horsepower will be good.....macro is the problem as I don't want to take another set of smaller strobes.....we'll see what happens Larry, I really like the D200 Ike housing....it's well thought out and access to the controls is very good....the rotary TTL/manual power dial is fantastic.....I actually used TTL for macro and it was spot on....I used manual for WA and it is very easy and quick to change settings....I used the new 8" dome with the 10.5mm and the Sigma 15 and was very happy with the corner sharpness...I used the smallest and middle stalks with the dome.....handling was perfect....barely negative with dual DS-125's Ikelite is quietly narrowing the feature gap with the other manufacturers while leading in value and customer service.....a tough act to follow IMHO Karl
  6. I'm considering going to Ike DS200's for WA work.....what do those of you with Ike 200's do for macro? I really don't want to use another set of small strobes, so I would either keep the dual DS200's on the rig or go to a single DS200. Any thoughts from those with 200's? Karl
  7. Buy American.....I'm sure Ikelite would be happy to sell to Subtronic Karl
  8. WTG Todd....very nice recognition of a great image Karl
  9. Peter, If you go with Ikelite, you'll need 3 ports and two dome extensions. 8" dome with medium extension for the 15 and a long extension for the 12-24 flat port for the 60mm flat port for the 105mm Most of the other manufacturers can accomodate your lenses with 1 dome port and 1 flat port and several extensions Karl
  10. Hi James......I went to Ft. Lauderdale to dive with Ryan.....unfortunately, Kimberly had to work all weekend in Georgia. First dives with D200 went great!...We'll have to enter again next month, after we get back from Lembeh! Karl
  11. I just did 6 dives with my new Ikelite D200 housing and the 8" dome. The rig was barely negative with dual DS-125's and it handled great...I didn't perceive any upward roll from the port at all. I would highly recommend the 8" dome because it can be used with the 10.5mm, 15mm and 12-24 by changing to different size stalks. I'm very impressed with the corner sharpness with the new port. Karl
  12. Thanks James, you were there for the 1st place also I need to dive with you more often ...btw, both winning shots came from last years Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Trip Karl
  13. Ryan at Reef Photo & Video Reef Photo & Video Karl
  14. Did you isolate where the leak occurred? user error, cracked port or loose fitting, etc.? You must have fixed it since you took lots of great pictures after you dried out the TTL module. Karl
  15. I just got my Ikelite D200 housing last Friday.....the housing has a new rotary switch to control TTL or manual power to the strobes which is faster and easier to use than the D70 housing. CF card and battery can be changed without removing camera from back. A very well thought out housing. Karl
  16. Interesting venue for UW photos....what's the slant on the story? Karl
  17. Wow....that's a good deal....too bad I've already got 2 of them Karl
  18. I've used the older Aquatica/Ike 8" dome with the Nikon 12-24mm and the Sigma 15 and it works great. The rig becomes a little positive and the port tries to turn upwards, but the pressure isn't bad....well with it IMHO. I zip tie a 2# lead weight to the bottom of the tray and that makes it a little negative again. A 1# weight would probably work better but dive boats never have them. The newer 8" dome has a little less volume and might not be as negative. Karl
  19. Nice save Will.....you have some excellent shots....your exposures are dead on...did you use TTL for the macros? Sorry to hear about your flood, but you rmembered how to revive your equipment...WTG... What happened?....must have been minor since you used the housing on later dives. I also noticed that your f stops varied a lot....did you use shutter priority or just changed for the conditions? You captured some really cool critters.....thanks for posting the topside shots also Karl
  20. Hello RBN, Welcome to Wetpixel....I'm afraid the only answer is....Strobes....it's too deep for filters and available light and there's not much any correction program can do without some light on your subject Karl
  21. I've had good success with the 8" dome with my Nikon gear also. Ikelite has a winner IMHO. Nice shots Aengus....the 2nd one is especially well done Karl
  22. I agree with Cor and Todd......regardless if their decision was correct or not, that kind of statement and display is totally unappropriate IMHO.....if that was their decision, why not just move everyone up and go on with it? Karl
  23. I've been using Epson Premium Luster with my R2400 and like it better than my 'ol standby paper...Epson Premium Glossy Karl
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