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  1. Very interesting critters.....well captured Karl
  2. Nice series of shots, both topside and underwater.....I thought the difference of water color was very interesting in this shot Karl
  3. Tom, like Luiz I prefer manual strobe control when shooting WA, but if you are going to start with TTL, take a trial shot and then dial in some exposure compensation to control the light on your subject/foreground. Read this article by David Haas on using TTL....it's for a Canon, but the concept is the same.....David Haas Article on TTL I haven't shot my D200 underwater yet, but from my topside experience, I would not hesitate to dial in up to 400 ISO if the shot absolutely required it. You will love the instant shutter response with this DSLR, but don't expect the camera to be automatic. You still have to set it up properely for the conditions and then point it in the right direction. Karl
  4. I think he's glad to be back on the boat in one piece very nice capture James Karl
  5. Buy the best camera and lenses that you can afford The housing won't make better photos...only you can do that Karl
  6. Very nice gallery Alex....it brings back a lot of memories from my trip last year....I especially like the motion blur shots...appropriate for sharks! Your images tell the story of the trip well....well done Karl
  7. Tom, the 12-24's corners get soft if you shoot wider than f8. If you are using an Ikelite TTL housing, I'd set it to 1/125 and f8 and let the strobe make up the difference. Karl
  8. I think the 15 works better behind the 6" dome than the 12-24 behind the 6" dome, but the 8" is better for both If I know that the site is good for WA, the 15 is great.....your 18-35 would probably be better if the site is unknown, but I tend to work at the extreme ends of either WA or macro, so I wouldn't hesitate to go in the the 15....I can always get interesting CFWA on most sites Karl
  9. The 12-24mm works a little better with Ike's new 8" dome port....the versatility is nice, but I've been using the Sigma 15 with the 8" dome port for much sharper corners IMHO The Nikkor 16 should be similar....the Sigma will focus a little closer for great CFWA Karl
  10. Ikelite 8".....I have the older Aquatica retro 8" and have used it several times....works great.....I have the new 8" coming and will try it out next month in Lembeh Karl
  11. I like the shark portraits James....especially the first one....unique perspective with that FOV Karl
  12. Cool fish...I like his markings Karl
  13. I'm not James , but 1st 1/160 @ f10 2nd 1/125 @ f18 Both taken mid afternoon Karl
  14. I use the Sigma 15 over the 12-24mm most of the time....closer focus and sharper corners with my dome setup I understand the the Nikon 16 is excellent, but it doesn't focus as close as the 15mm...nice feature for CFWA Karll
  15. Awesome Luiz.....the reef scenes remind me of Wakatobi.....I love the two filefish Karl
  16. Pretty sweet Todd.....too many excellent choices to pick a favorite Karl
  17. Very nice Mariano.....shutter speed? aperture? Karl
  18. Thanks Amber.....I saw your name but didn't remember seeing you on Wetpixel before....welcome and WTG Karl
  19. Thanks for posting....I especially like the first two.....nice compositions Karl
  20. It's a fine lens, but I consider 18mm as on the absolute maximum edge of WA and it's closest focus is only 15" which is approx. 1:6....not very close to 1:1 which most judge as macro. This is a good all around lens to start with, but you'll soon need the extreme ends of true WA and macro. Karl
  21. 18-55mm I would always go for the widest lens if you must have a mid-range zoom....longer without being able to focus very close isn't of much value underwater because your strobe can't light something that far away These are both very inexpensive lenses that you will outgrow very quickly.....sometimes you save money by waiting for the best and then you don't buy twice I would get the Nikkor 60mm and then you've got a lifetime lens that takes great macro and can still take fish portraits just my $.02 worth Karl
  22. Very impressive.....which port do you use? Please give a link to the exact lens if you can...b&h etc. Thanks, Karl
  23. Patrick....I've heard of that lens from others also.....will it shoot 1:1 ? Do you use a dome or flat port? Karl
  24. Thanks for posting.....nice site with some very good images Karl
  25. oops.....guess I better keep my day job Karl
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