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  1. George, I was speaking from experience I couldn't find them the first time either. Karl
  2. George, they are on the bottom of the link posted above Karl
  3. Anyone else noticed this? What are the odds that one camera brand would sweep the awards? It doesn't mean a thing, just unlikely with the number and caliber of photographers using different cameras! Karl
  4. Guess that would make your D2X a Pisces?....just like James and me Karl
  5. Thanks to Eric and Jason Heller for making this great competition possible....congrats to the winners Karl
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes.....we have been away for a long weekend, so I'm a little slow with my thanks Happy BDay to you too James!....Pisces rule Karl
  7. Alex the 5T and 6T are 62mm ..... same as the 3T and 4T
  8. Phil's very thorough review reinforces that these are 4 fantastic cameras that are capable of very similar results in the hands of capable photographers. I'm very happy with my choice and I'm sure others are also. Karl
  9. Thanks ..... I enjoyed that Karl
  10. Just get the new 8" dome or make sure that the shade is rotated correctly so it doesn't show up Karl
  11. The Tokina 12-24mm is commonly considered the best choice if you don't get the Nikkor....they are all very, very close The Nikkor and Tokina are f4 lens and the Tamron and Sigma are f4-5.6 Karl
  12. Alex, were the shots posted above taken at 12mm? They look more like 24mm? Karl
  13. Cor.....how was your dive with the +4? Karl
  14. I'm not sure about chargers, but I wouldn't mix them up until you know for sure. I do know that you can not use the EL3 in a D200. However, I think you can use the EL3e in a D70.
  15. More Rand ......let's don't let the number crunchers dampen a good learning and sharing opportunity Karl
  16. Thanks for the tip Stu.....makes total sense Karl
  17. Boi.....very nice color Karl
  18. Rand....I think your pictures are worth a thousand numbers Karl
  19. I'm afraid not.....it's hard to light properly with 2....of course, there could be a few exceptions, but I would not burn a dive trying Karl
  20. Ouch!.......but he's right!.....read his post again....William was offering constructive advise that was in the spirit of helping someone improve their skills...there was nothing disrespectful said and it was all offered with good intentions Karl
  21. Ikelite makes two 60mm ports....one is manual focus all the time and one is automatic focus all the time....I would recommend AF Their 105mm port can be changed between MF and AF underwater Karl
  22. Alex, how do you activate focus?.....half depress? Like you, I use the multi-selector button to move my focus point around to suit composition, but I find that the AF-on button is much easier to activate focus than the half depress of the shutter Karl
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