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  1. I think this really depends on whether you shoot AF-S or AF-C. I exclusively shoot AF-C and the AF-On button is my preferred way to activate focus tracking. If I shot in AF-S, I'd probably go for the AE/AF button. For AF-C shooters this control is used for EVERY shot. AE/AF is only used occassionally. Karl
  2. Congrats Sam.....kind of your way of "sticking it to the man" Karl
  3. Incredible animals.....I would love the opportunity to see and photograph one also....your shot is very good, but more could be done to give it impact I agree with Mary Lou, tighter with some separation from the reef......I think a 10.5 CFWA from 12" would be an awesome shot.....and then some macros of the beautiful markings Karl
  4. How about this guy from Cozumel? Karl
  5. Well Done Stephen.....the exposure on the second one is spot on! Karl
  6. Mike, Yes it should be OK....camera in manual mode......With the TTL housing, your strobes should always be set to TTL......you can switch between manual strobes and TTL strobes with the buttons on the back Karl
  7. I really like the first shot Peter...classic compostion and well lit Karl
  8. FWIW, I got the first D200 in my town....December 22 and I haven't had any problems with banding or anything else for that matter....YMMV Karl
  9. The manual controllerw work great, but I found that the 4 settings on the strobe were very adequate. I got rid of the manual controllers and couldn't believe how much it cleaned up my rig! Karl
  10. Just make sure it has great Dynamic Range Karl
  11. Nice view from your office James Karl
  12. Well Done ....I really like the composition and the exposure is very good Karl
  13. Adobe has updated the NEF plug-in for the D200 Download Karl
  14. Very nice shot....good detail and exposure with an interesting angle....well done Karl
  15. Chris, I use manual exclusively because I'm very comfortable with my results but my wife uses iTTL for macro and gets great results. If it available and it works, why not use it? You can spend more time working on composition The strobes are set to TTL, but when you switch the iTTL module to manual, the buttons become manual power settings for the strobes...iTTL has nothing to do with the output when in manual mode I don't think you can set the strobes differently while using the iTTL module in either mode....maybe Ike can clarify? Karl
  16. Chris, it's great.....you can get rid of the clutter of the manual controllers and quickly reach the buttons for variable manual power adjustments.....plus you can use iTTL for macro The only negative is that you can't control the strobes separately...you'll have to adjust distance to vary the output on the subject Karl
  17. Chris, a very nice collection of shots....I especially like the perspective of the flounder shot....your WA's were well exposed also Karl
  18. Make sure that your shutter lever isn't keeping pressure on the shutter button after you take a shot...sometimes the return spring doesn't back it off enough Karl
  19. The zoomed Pufferfish works for me....I'm finding the same fascination with motion blur Karl
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