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  1. Manaul mode at the camera, of course. 1/125" and F8, for example. As I said before: Don't touch that power dial on the converter....
  2. And you are sure the switch is not dialed to -3? I use +/-0, center weighted AF (this influences the flash exposure, ettl tries to expose the subject on the focus point) and M mode with ISO 100. Post an image of your bulkhead wiring - maybe you did something wrong?
  3. 100% Ack. Instant feedback and instant histogram are nice features.
  4. Yes, and I hated it. Watching a clown feeding beautiful animals to entertain 20+ divers in 10m water is not the way i like to dive. One reason that I will never dive on the bahamas again...
  5. Interesting, my amount of quality pictures increased after limiting myself to 20 pictures/dive. Look, think, look again, shoot. 340 pictures/dive is just crazy. He should have a look at a video setup...
  6. Mathias just updated my 300D unit with the 2nd curtain sync firmware and it works perfect with my DS-125. Don't touch that power dial on the converter, the +/-0 setting is fine. I have a YS90DX that works fine too, I'm waiting for my dual sync cable to use both strobes... As far as I know, the DS-125 with serial numbers below 5000 need the Ikelite update (see: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/ustrobettl.html ) to work fine.
  7. and they ( http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/oly-pt_e.htm ) list the Nikon SB-105 for TTL use. The SB-105 is quite cheap on eBay comapred to other strobes like the YS90: http://search.ebay.com/SB-105
  8. They also have a nice, technical design. Some kind of "Bauhaus"
  9. Just found http://www.patimahousing.com/e_index.htm - they have cool looking housings for Oly C7070 and 5060. Even Digideep does not list "Patima"
  10. Does anyone can comment on how the E-300 TTL performs with a DS-125?
  11. I used Hugyfot SLR film housing for years and found them to be quite compact. look on www.hugyfot.com, they show all housing with removed back and installed camera. Not much space left around the camera. And: if you want a COMPACT housing, don't even think about an Ikelite....
  12. New Subtronic strobe models support iTTL, standard-TTL and have 5 manual settings. A one-strobe-fits-all solution.
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