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  1. Hi, I'm excited to share with you a feature story we've been working on with CBS for a while. Some positive press in the cave diving community. Weeki Wachee Springs is Florida's oldest roadside attraction and home of the mermaids. Its also one of the deepest cave systems in the United States at over 407 feet deep! A highly experienced team of Explorers are pushing the limits of technology in order to go deeper, stay longer, and explore this never before seen cave. The entrance and exit is extremely challenging making it difficult to bring in safety equipment. The window of opportunity to dive only opens for a few months every decade. This highly experienced team must collect all of the scientific data, gather samples and map the system before mother nature decides to render the cave undivable again for a year or the next 10. To view the story on CBS follow the link! It will air again at 5:30 today February 14th and Feb 15th at noon. Becky Kagan Schott & David Schott Liquid Productions, LLC http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/356706/250/EXCLUSIVE-Secret-underwater-world-beneath-Weeki-Wachee
  2. Set your DVR! Monday December 3rd @ 10pm on National Geographic Channel the show Maya Underworld will air! Dave and I traveled to the Yucatan twice this summer to film all of the underwater video and some topside for this doc. Not all of the documentary takes place underwater but cave divers and non divers should really enjoy it. It was very different than the cenotes in the Riviera Maya due to the 80ft repels and intact mayan artifacts and human remains. http://channel.nationalgeographic.co...real-doomsday/ Becky
  3. sale pending..... Binford23 I will let you know if they change their mind about the view finder. I'm sorry, they wanted the whole package,thanks for your email!
  4. Hi, I am selling my Nikon D700 FULL FRAME sensor camera BODY for information and specs please visit the Nikon website http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Pro...5444/D700.html It comes with original box, manuals, battery & charger. Additional batteries are also available. The underwater housing is an Aquatica D700 housing with upgraded springs for deep diving (425ft /130m) It also has a moisture alarm, and dual Nikonos 5 pin bulkhead connectors for strobes (strobes, strobe arms, and ball mounts not included.) The housing is in excellent condition. Also for sale are some optional accessories including: • · Aqua view finder • · Acrylic 8' dome port / dome shade • · Extension rings for different lenses • · Housing body cap • · Rear port cap If you are interested in pricing or have questions please contact David Schott at: David@LiquidProductions.com 610.364.7850 Thanks so much! I've loved this camera system and award winning images have been shot with it! Images have been published in Nat Geo Traveler, Wreck Diving Magazine, and many other publications. --Becky
  5. Yesterday Sony & NOAA released the names of the 2 virgin shipwrecks that were discovered by the students and first dove by our team. They are the M.F. Merrick a Schooner lost 122 years ago and the Eturia a freighter we found turtled, both in 315 ft of icy cold 34 degree water. They also released the air date for the documentary. It will air on Current August 30th 10/9c Here is the latest trailer The press release from NOAA http://thunderbay.noaa.gov/shiphunt.html Becky
  6. I wanted to share with you one of the trailers for an exciting new documentary I helped shoot last month. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u72MaD0vOfY&feature=feedf Its called Project Shiphunt. In the documentary 5 students learn, search and really discover virgin shipwrecks in Lake Huron's Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary. The project was sponsored by Sony, Intel, NOAA, and WHOI to name a few. I was lucky to be a part of the underwater film crew along with Evan Kovaks, David Schott, and Richie Stevenson. We were the first to dive 2 virgin wrecks discovered that week by the students! They were certainly challenging dives, the wrecks were located in 315 feet of water which was 34 degrees top to bottom, we spent over 90 minutes in the water. We used rebreathers, mixed gasses, and 3D cameras connected to the surface though fiber so the students and producers could see in real time what we were finding. As for what we found you'll have to watch the documentary and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed! Adventure, discovery, inspiration, history and virgin wrecks how could it get any better! Here are a few shots on the wreck of the Grecian, we did a few work up dives on it before hitting the deep sites. The documentary should air by this fall, I'll keep you updated! Cheers, Becky Kagan Schott http://discover.sonystyle.com/shiphunt/ click on "watch the adventure"
  7. Thank you James, I will post when the segments are airing! Hopefully soon!
  8. We were in Marsh Harbor in Abaco, you have to be certified to dive the caves and need a guide. We used Brian Kakuk from Bahamas Underground. Abaco is beautiful and if you can get into some of the blue holes its SO worth it. There are also a lot of beautiful mangroves around, and dry caves with lots of bats! PS: Pack bug spray!
  9. I work with WHOI's Advanced Imaging and Visualization Labratory, its one of their 3D systems.
  10. Hi, I just returned from a fantastic 3D shoot in the Bahamas. First stop was Bimini where I had one of the most amazing wildlife encounters with spotted dolphins. A crew member shot this video of me as the dolphins checked out the camera, and pinged it with their eco location! Then we set off to Abaco to shoot in the crystal caves that were truly mind blowing! I can't wait to let everyone know when the video will be shown. Cheers, Becky
  11. Liquid Productions, Just completed a NEW DVD "The Mill pond Experience" It focuses on three popular cave systems located in Merritt's Mill pond in Marianna FL. Mastered in High Definition we captured beautiful images from Twin Cave, Jackson Blue and Hole in the Wall along with informational interviews with local experts, history and much more. Run time is 60 minutes in widescreen format. Great holiday gift =)
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