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  1. At the risk of possibly getting flamed, another trend I have noticed is magazine editors are increasingly using their own photography throughout a magazine, presumably so they do not have to pay for higher quality images. I had one editor of a very well known magazine actually tell me that he relies on 'contributions' from their readers for content. In other words "we don't pay for photography even though we charge for the magazine". All though this is an unfortunate direction for stock UW photography, I think, by far the biggest problem is inexperienced photographers giving away their images for their name in print.
  2. I should have added this benefit; Shooting it wide open, or nearly wide open, you can get beautifully soft backgrounds (bokeh) and really isolate the critter or just a small part of the critter, almost to the point of it being a special effect.
  3. I have been using the 150 for a while now. It is good for shy fish but much harder to hold steady than the shorter macros. You also take a pretty got hit on contrast and saturation shooting through more water. I also get a lot of movement unless I shoot at my highest synch speed which is 250. With practice you can get pretty good shots but shorter lenses shooting through less water will give you a much clearer/sharper image.
  4. With all due respect, exclamation points can be perceived the same way. If Fred had posted the entire message in allcaps I can see how that would come across as offending, but it appeared he only tried to emphasize certain parts of the post, as you did with the !!
  5. Have you tried sending it back to the manufacturer to address the issue?
  6. I have used Ikelite housings for 15 years. I have had 3 total floods in that time....all operator error. I use the 8 inch dome with four locks and do about a hundred dives per year plus a lot of surface/ freedive photography. If maintained correctly, assembled correctly and care taken, you should not have a problem.
  7. I wouldn't call this an upsell so quickly. I shoot the D7000 and in my opinion the weakest link in this camera is the substandard buffer size. If you use the motor drive at all (on continuous High) or ever decide you may want to shoot video (even though you don't at this moment) you will regret having slow cards. I started off using Sandisk Extreme sdhc card which are class 10 and 30mbps. I have only been able to get 9 raw frames before the camera chokes and needs to write to the buffer. My 6 year old D200 can shoot 22 raw before writing to the buffer. I use the motor drive a lot and the other day I just grabbed an old class 4 sandisk ultra sdhc card (15mbps) and was amazed at how much poorer the performance was from the extreme card....maybe 5 shots before it choked. Since then I have been looking for a good deal on a 60mbps sdhc card hoping to get more performance out of the motor drive. After all, the performance crashed when I used a slower card, shouldn't it improve if I get a faster card? I'll bet it does, and for what amounts to only a few dollars. After all, if you wouldn't put regular unleaded in the space shuttle. Card speed DOES make a difference. Now if you are a shooter that knows they will never shoot video or use the motor drive, you could get away with it. By the way, I got 2 32gb sdhc extreme cards for just over $100 at B&H on special. Keep your eye out for specials like that.
  8. That is actually incorrect. The clarity of the water does not affect the macro capabilities of the lens. Both are 1:1 lenses I believe, which means the size of the field will equal the size of the subject at minimum focus. To get the same magnification you would need to be closer to the subject using the 40mm. Some subjects may allow you to get closer, but some won't. You also have the very real issue of trying to get light (strobe) on the subject. At minimum focus (closest distance/ highest magnification) your subject will be very close to the front of the port. It may be difficult to light the subject without casting shadows of the port on your subject. If cost is your issue, look at some of the offerings from Sigma, Tamron or Tokina for macro lenses. If you are planning on using your D7000 for video, make sure you purchase a lens with an ultrasonic motor (s, hsm, etc...)
  9. I have their 150mm 1/1 macro 2.8 lens which is very similar. I bought it for shy fish and other special effects. I had a port custom made to fit it. I think the lens I have is amazing but for underwater it is very difficult to use and the results aren't so good. Holding it steady underwater takes patience. The hsm focusing is very fast but with the low contrast environment of the underwater world it does search a lot. I also bought the dedicated 1.4 teleconverter and that just makes it harder. The working distance is so great that strobelight traveling out to the subject and back to the camera leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of movement is recorded, contrast is low, color is weak (I use dual Ikelite DS125 strobes). Not what I expected actually. Topside it is a beauty. Very sharp, fast focus, quiet, killer bokeh. A real gem. It just doesn't translate well underwater and I have tried and tried. It is amazing how much sharper images from the 105 and 60 are underwater just due to less distance (water to shoot through).
  10. Ebay has a feature where you can type in the details of the item(s) and it will quote highest, lowest and average price that those items have sold for in the past, assuming that someone has auctioned those specific items before. You could also start off your bid at the lowest you are willing to accept and let the buyers bid it up to the max. It is a kind of self leveling phenomenon. Ebay is a sellers market in a way. Competitiveness in buyers can sometimes get you more that the item is really worth. A couple of things: Used underwater equipment, especially outdated such as the VX1000, has very much devalued, and, new HD cams are very popular (I believe the vx1000 is not even hd). I just sold a similar item, a 3 chip Panasonic in a Gates housing for a brutal $200
  11. Not sure if this is the issue but Nikon released a list of compatible cards, and I think the last firmware increased compatibility. This wouldn't necessarily explain why it works on land and not underwater but maybe a more compatible card would be more reliable (?)
  12. I have been using this dome since they came out. In fact when I got mine they had not yet released the shade. There is nothing wrong with the design. I actually wish they had never gone to the four clip design because now there is a chance you can lose the dome if you forget the funky locking mechanism when using a fisheye. My camera has over 100,000 actuations on it so you know I dive a lot and almost always shoot wide angle with this dome (10.5, 10-20, 17-70). The dome itself is better than many manufacturers housings because it is not so hemispheric, so the virtual image is less curved, therefore less DOF needed (read: sharp corners). Your housing could have flooded in many other ways, including through the dome oring (just like any other camera housing).
  13. I don't think you will have a problem. I had a custom port made by Ikelite years ago to accommodate the Sigma 150mm macro with a 1.4 converter. I have used this port with other configurations. The main risk is for the lens to see the reflections of itself cast on the inside of the port. I have used this very long custom port for the 105 Nikkor which leaves considerably more space in front of the lens and have never seen any issue. I believe the angle of view of lenses over 100mm is too narrow to be a problem.
  14. I am pretty sure I have several. Go to my profile page, navigate to my website and my email address is in the bio. I'll give you one. I guess my site is in my signature, go from there.
  15. Lucky you. When I first got the camera I did a quality test side by side with my D200 (which has over 90,000 shutter actuations btw). Of course the D7K killed it in image quality and high ISO noise performance, the D200 held perfectly even exposures throughout the ISO range. The D7K was all over the map. As far as upload, Nikon View NX2 and Nikon Transfer kicks my queue out all the time. I need to start over again and again. I am using a Sandisk card which I believe is on the list Nikon released of compatible cards for the D7K (why do they even need to do that? I have never heard of any dslr being limited to specific brands). I am running a dual core processor and 4 gb ram. This should be plenty to accomplish this simple procedure. My .MOV files were also playing poorly (jerky) in Quicktime AND the Nikon software until I found out for windows machines they will play better if you change the file extension to .hdmov. Just as an experiment you should put your D7000 on a tripod and on Shutter or aperture priority and then shoot images throughout the ISO range of the same subject/ conditions, then compare exposures side by side. I would love to hear an honest assessment of your results.
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