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  1. I just put an HV20 in an Ikelite housing and took it to Bonaire for 2 weeks. It is my first UW set-up. My experience with it was great: Lightweight and easy to travel with. Rugged and low maintenance. No fogging issues for me. You do need to spend time learning the controls, but that was pretty quick for me and I found it very easy to handle UW. Balance was good . . . it is negatively buoyant, but "front heavy" if you add the additional wide angle adapter. You can balance it out by turning the weighted base around. But for the price, value, etc I think it is a good deal. I did not like the Ikelite mirror option and used the viewfinder exclusively. LCD and mirror very hard to see and the image is reversed. I wonder how well the external LCD's are to see in bright clear water?
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