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  1. Drew, I see your point. My thoughts were along the lines of Gina's, regarding illegal dumping of waste and the impact to native wildlife and their habitat from large numbers of visitors. But I also overlooked the part of the article that indicated that a number of large cruise ships were already stopping in Komodo.
  2. This can't be good. Cruise Ship Pier in Komodo
  3. Nice photos and video! Alor is high on my list. How would you compare the diving there with Komodo?
  4. Hey Dan, I had looked at both of those lights as a focus light and eventually went with the FF 1x5 AFO light. I liked that it uses AA batteries, so I can use the same batteries and chargers as I already have for my strobes and it has a longer burn time than the smaller one. I also like the "auto flash off" while the strobes fire. Some people don't like it or may argue the need for it as the strobes will usually overpower light from the focus light, but I'd rather have the light coming purely from the strobes. Plus the FF 1x5 comes with a handle for using as a dive light or a ball adapter to mount to my camera. The biggest downside was size and weight, but compared to many other popular focus lights out there, there is not that much difference. Plus it was in the price range I was looking at. The Fisheye Fix lights are really nice, but I find the amount of light given by the Big Blue lights to be fine for using as a focus light and for the price, I was really happy with my choice. If the AAA batteries, shorter burn time and lack of AFO does not matter to you, then the smaller light would probably be just fine. They both seem to have the same beam angle and brightness.
  5. I'm using the 8.5" dome with the 20mm extension. It only shows up when I'm shooting up into the sun. I agree it is probably the sunlight hitting something and reflecting onto the dome. Maybe the lens shade or zoom ring or even the port opening. I'm going to play around a little bit when I have some time and see if I can figure out what exactly is casting the reflection and if covering up the reflective surface fixes it. If not, I'll look in to the rubber ring or something to block the light from the internal flash and see if that helps.
  6. Zaven, I just came across your post. Have you found a solution to this? I have the same housing/port/camera/lens setup as you and am getting reflections in my images. The interesting thing is that the reflections in your photos appear at the top, when the sunlight is coming from the top as well. Mine appear on the opposite side of the sun. If the sunburst is on the top left, the reflection appears on the bottom right. Also, I am getting a double reflection, so I am not sure it is just coming from the shade on the 10-17 lens. I checked with Nauticam and if you think it is caused by light from the internal flash, they have a rubber ring that fits by the zoom gear, that you can use to block the flash. You can check with your dealer. I don't believe my issue is from the internal flash, but from sunlight reflecting something in the dome. Just trying to verify exactly what is reflecting.
  7. This is off topic, but I didn't think you could fire Ike strobes with FO connectors, can you?
  8. So what distinguishes the H. Pontohi from the H. Colmani? The ones we saw in Wakatobi were described as H Colmani and looked very similar to Jeff's Colmani pic, but had red filaments on the back, like pics #2 and 3.
  9. You asked for it. Don't mind the Popeye like forearms!! Hahaha!
  10. I have the same port and just got back from my first trip with it. I always entered and exited with the cover on the dome. I figured it would be there or in the rinse tank where there was most risk of scratching it. I also requested they not put my camera in the rinse tank, but on the table, so I could rinse it myself after getting back on the boat. That way it wouldn't be banging around with other camera's on the boat rinse tank. I removed the cover as I descended, by working from one side to the other. Then I'd slip my hand through and slide it up over my shoulder as an armband. Wasn't going anywhere during the dive! I'd put the cover back on before ascending. I found it a little difficult to try to put it back on at the surface, but we had moderate swells. I just didn't want the dome exposed while being handed down or up to the boat or if put in the rinse tank with other cameras while I enter back into the boat.
  11. Yeah, me too. I used a cap from a Sea& Sea control rod and cut it down to fit my Nauticam. The Sea&Sea ones may be easier to find, to hold you until the Nauticam ones come in, if you're in a pinch. Vijay
  12. I am looking at options for my Tokina 10-17 on a D90. I am looking at more compact options than the Nauticam 8.5 or NX Fisheye Dome. I am also interested in general wide angle, reef scenics and split shots, so the 100 mm domes are not a consideration. I have searched the forums and there is a lot of info recommending the Sea & Sea optical dome or the NX F/E or similar large dome. In fact there has been quite a few posts really praising the optical dome port as an excellent choice for the 10-17 and the favored port of several experienced shooters here. However, generally the compact port is said to suffer issues such as soft corners. I realize that you need to use an SX extension with both ports. However, it seems to me that the NX compact dome and the optical dome are both just about the same size. So what is it that makes the optical dome such a great choice, but the compact port not so recommended? Is there a difference in the curvature of the domes that makes one better optically? Thanks.
  13. Good to know about the Molas in Alor. I've never been there, but had heard there was a cleaning station where they are frequently seen. Guess even the Mola spas are better in Bali now.
  14. Alor is actually known for having decent chance for encounters with Mola Mola as well, but I'm not sure if there is a particular season that would be best. You may want to check with the local dive operators there. Sept/Oct is a good time to see them in Nusa Penida/Lembongan, but expect crowds. We went last Oct and there were quite a few boats in Crystal Bay. We saw one Mola Mola and as soon as it appeared, there were a bunch of people chasing it down for a closer look and so it didn't hang out for very long. If it is the season in Alor, you will certainly have far less people around to spoil it. Aquamarine Divers have their own boats in Padang Bai and they are fast and comfortable. It is a fairly short ride to Nusa Penida, half hour as I recall. If you choose to go with them, I'd suggest staying in Padang Bai or Candidasa to be close to the boats. Two days is perfect for some relaxing dives in Tulamben. If you stay in Tulamben, you can usually get a dive or two in, on the Liberty wreck, before the day crowds get there. There are some good spots nearby for reef and muck later in the day. As mentioned, you really can't go wrong with either choice. Vijay
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