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  1. Time is running out. If you want to get on this trip and save about £500 GBP on the trip cost, contact me ASAP. Cheers Mick. micktait.com@gmail.com
  2. I have already made a £1000 GPB deposit. (approx equal to $1570 AUD or $1640 USD) I'm willing to pass this on to someone who wishes to take my place at a discount. I would be happy to get $800 AUD (approx equal to £510 GBP or $835 USD) back. You would be getting a big discount on the normal trip cost. Basic Tour Cost: £2507 per person (Sorong/Sorong) Provisional price - TBC by Divequest Contact me if you are interested micktait.com@gmail.com
  3. I was booked on to go on the Divequest Ultimate Raja Ampat trip that is an underwater photography workshop live aboard with Shannon Conway. Trip dates (Sorong/Sorong) 5-18 Feb 2012. Anybody interested in taking my place, please contact me for details of deposits and current estimated final cost. Please note that due to cabin sharing, this place is restricted to a male diver only. More trip information here: Divequest Site Link
  4. Yes, the 180mm Macro is slow to focus, and yes it's hard to get a good shot out of it, but it's fun to use. Without a manual focus gear, most situations call for lock and rock focusing. Even then I am finding it hard not to pull it out of focus when taking the shot. I now have possession of a 72mm 500D diopter to try out. But I've run out of Subal extension rings for now, so I'm yet to try it underwater. Out of the housing I have been playing with combinations of the 180mm + 500D + 25mm ext tube. If I can dive a site with zero surge, stop my heart from beating, and hold my breath, I might be able to hold focus. In very clear water, I think the 180mm has it over the 100mm for sneaking up on critters, but I'd have to say that's about where the advantage ends. I'll see what the diopter does for me, but I'm expecting it to become harder to get a sharp shot. BTW, my favourite lens is still the Canon 60mm Macro. The photos below were taken at Tulamben, Bali this year with the 180mm Macro alone on the 7D. 1/250 f/13 ISO400 1/250 f/7.1 ISO100 1/250 f/7.1 ISO200
  5. Sorry Lucy, It is just that Dave has managed to make this same mistake on more than one occasion... http://www.wetpixel.com/competition/index....=226&page=3 http://www.wetpixel.com/competition/index....tion&id=229 It's just not like Dave to miss getting his name out there on his photos like that. I have not seen BAX737/DIRDAVID for a bit. Cheers then.
  6. http://www.wadivers.com.au/forums/viewtopi...?f=5&t=3683 sorry for the cross post. Someone is either stealing photos or pretending to be someone they are not.
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