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  1. ok i have finally been able to take the camera underwater. here is a sample of the GF1 shooting 100mbits 4:2:2 720p, with full manual controls. the footage is shot with in camera sharpening turned off, so a little could be applied in post to make it pop. the sample has been compressed hugely for vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/16587274
  2. andy what is the number of the part that actually attaches to the gorillapod, the initial ball that the clamp attaches to? (i am assuming it's the tripod screw that came with the pod, or did you mod it?) at the moment i am using a slr zoom, but i'm going to start using the focus due to the negative buoyancy. anyone tried taking the ball head underwater? will the bubble spirit level implode (not really an issue if it does, but might give me a scare), and will the ball seize up after a few dives?
  3. is the 10bar 14-45mm port acrylic or glass? i put a big scratch into mine and want to try to micro mesh it out.
  4. anyone had a chance to try out the mangroves at 4300 lumen for 600 euros? they certainly look interesting http://www.aditech-uw.com/en/underwater-li...act-vc-4l6.html
  5. i have tried this and in my opinion the results were not as good as with the 45mm macro. there was a lot of chromatic aberation and image degradation. JackConnick - do you know if 10bar sells this new back plate seperately? do you have a price? does anyone know where i can buy 10 bar in hong kong? is the kowloon address just a warehouse or do they have a retail shop as well?
  6. thanks all for the information, i look forward to trying out the pringles compared to the ones sold by fix and seeing the difference. the colored pen is a great idea!
  7. anyone tried using one of these attached to a housing? it says that they use a semi permanent 3m glue, will it hold, or just dissolve underwater http://flipbac.com/
  8. i have a couple of fix1000 led lights, which i like, but i would really like to diffuse the hell out of them. any suggestions?
  9. actually i've now seen a viewfinder attachment, something similar to this http://www.idcphotography.com/kart/index.p...8&parent=30 the one i have seen attaches via strong rubber bands. would this concept work? would water between the magnifier and the lcd effect how the 'viewfinder attachment' would work?
  10. for those that own the 10bar, do you think it would be possible to attach a plastic sunshade, similar to ones that came with amphibico monitors? (see attached link below) my intention would be to attach the shade, but attach it inverted, and glue a mirror into it, enabling me to shoot from low angles without having to push my face into the sand http://www.amphibico.com/rec/monitors.html
  11. here's my thinking: the gf1 currently only shoots 30p (not 29.97) when recording in mjpeg at 4:2:2. therefore for broadcast, i think that a simple frame remap in cinema tools will make the footage 29.97 and not have any detrimental effect on the footage. however if the footage is intended for bbc or pal, a remap to 25 is too much of a speed difference to go unnoticed (however it doesn't half look nice when we play wildlife slightly slow lol) . what are the bbc/discovery co-productions shot/delivered at in the uk? a couple years ago, alot of stuff for discovery, bbc, nat geo was shot on a varicam at 720p and upres-ed in post, is this still the case? if so, 100mbits 4:2:2 is the codec specs for the varicam's dvcpro hd, so i'm thinking if the cmos chip is the gf1 is ok, then it should be perfectly broadcastable, right?
  12. the more reliable sources say that it pixel drops, rather like how photoshop resizes images. this means it doesn't introduce too many noticeable artifacts.
  13. a bunch of us over on dvxuser have been getting some amazing results with the modified gf1 and 100mbit 4:2:2 720 video. with it's small body size and a relatively large sensor size, i am thinking this would make a great underwater setup. is there anything that would stop video at 100mbits and 4:2:2 from being broadcast-able for nat geo channel, discovery etc, if i apply drop frame (30fps->29.97fps)in post? how can i test for moire, etc to see minimum broadcast standards? the gf1 suffers from minimal 'jello' in mjpeg, uses intra frame coding and is the equivalent to a 16mm film camera when it comes to crop factor. some test videos can be seen at http://www.vimeo.com/12918955
  14. Both items in perfect condition. There are no set asking prices, i'll just go with the best offer. Sold separately or together. Panasonic DMC-TZ5 camera - 28mm-280mm optical Zoom lens, f3.3-f4.9, video 720p/30fps, 9.1 Mega Pixel Panasonic MCTZ5 housing - 40m clear housing, flash diffuser
  15. I have the following for sale, all selling as individual items,except the two Seatool items, which sell together - you need the adaptor to use the lenses. All items are in perfect condition. There are no set asking prices, i'll just go with the best offer for each item. INON UCL-330 close up lens, 67mm thread mount INON UCL-100 Achromat wide angle lens, 67 mm thread mount INON Dome Lens unit for UCL-100 SEATOOL SAL-02-67. 2 element close up lenses for 67mm thread, lenses 'flip out' of frame when not in use. SEATOOL 67MM to ST adapter. adapts all 67mm thread to ST fitting.
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