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  1. Yes sir. That's what i'm thinking of also. Should've listened to Luca a bit more when he was telling me about the WB.
  2. Lots of running away when the dragon started running towards us. Even with a 70-200
  3. Natural light it's ok. Got some advice and it worked quite well, use underwater mode in WB and manually adjust from there. But with video lights it really screws with the WB depending on distance to subject it can switch in an instant.
  4. A short video I did for a small but cosy LOB. First time really doing WA video and was struggling with the WB on the Sony A7R2 for wide shots. Conditions weren't the best although we had great manta action. U/W with A7R2 in Nauticam housing, 28/2 and WWL, Weefine 3800 solar lights. Dragons with A6300 with 70-200/4, Drone using DJI Mavic Pro.
  5. Nice one EJ. Was that a black giant frogfish at 1:37?
  6. Yup the 90mm macro lens. using FIT +10 wet lens and for the really close up ones is the Noodilab Moby wet lens.
  7. From Lembeh Straits Dec 2016 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZaoBQxOEqI&feature=youtu.be
  8. Thanks! Was using a base plate and tripod legs from I-Das. I believe the base plate is a discontinued product already. I'm using the Sony A7R2 with the 90 mm Macro lens, Nauticam housing with the Small HD 501 external monitor in a Nauticam housing. Using Video lights from this new chinese company called weefine. Small sized unit with a COB LED output 3800 lumens with CRI 95.
  9. Spent a couple of days in seraya and tulamben
  10. I think the eel was using the 90mm macro lens. For the WWL, i think the subject can be almost touching the lens and it will still focus. the minimum focal distance is quite short if i'm not wrong. Raja Ampat is fantastic for both Macro and Wide Angle. Coral cover in the Dampier Straits area is the best i've ever seen. Oceanic mantas, schools of barracudas and jacks. The 'walking' cat shark. Lots of macro opportunities as well like pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, mandarin fish etc.
  11. I shot a 4-5 cm nudibranch on video with video lights much earlier in the year when i was testing the system out on a short weekend trip. If i remember it correctly the footage was shot without a tripod just rested the whole housing on the seabed or using my hand below the housing to support. [media] [/media] Nudi footage at 1:15 onwards
  12. The 28mm with the Nauticam WWL will focus quite closely. In fact you can shoot a good sized nudibranch with this combination.
  13. Yes. I'm using a tripod plate and legs from I-DAS. Using the Sony 90/2.8 macro and A7R2 in a Nauticam housing with the Small HD 501 monitor. Using video lights from this new company called Weefine. Supposed to be 3800 lumens with CRI of 95. Also using the FIT +10 diopters as well as the Noodilab Moby diopter.
  14. Shot this in June in Lembeh with the A7R2. Still on the steep learning curve for video. [media] [/media]
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