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  1. Subal underwater (type 3) housing for Canon 7D. $1,600 with standard viewfinder (shown separately) $2,200 with GS 180 viewfinder (attached to housing) The housing with standard viewfinder retails for $3,157.00 http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4536 The GS 180 viewfinder retails for $1,115.00 http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=669 The housing and GS 180 viewfinder are in good condition. The standard viewfinder is new. Upgrading to 7D mark2. Ikelite ds125 strobes, Canon 7D camera body, macro port are also available. thanks, Frank
  2. Hello fellow wetpixillians, I finally made time to finish my Indonesia gallery. http://www.bluereefphoto.org/p97338710 Most of the 20 day trip was awesome diving in Komodo with great people and plush accommodations. I also visited a fish farm and a fishing village in northern Bali. Thanks to everyone on the boat for such a memorable trip! Frank
  3. I only did the second half of the trip, which provided plenty of opportunities for wide angle and macro to keep everyone smiling. The Damai 2 provided a truly unique experience of awesome diving, luxury accommodations, and tasty food with an exceptionally accommodating crew and cruise director to make it all happen. Here are few pics from the Komodo portion of the trip (with still a ridiculous amount of images left to edit)...
  4. Howzit all! Finally finished the images from three weeks in Indonesia. The first half of the trip was on the MSY Seahorse. The second half was spent at the Misool Eco Resort with Wetpixel. Resort and liveaboard diving each has its pros and cons but both ended trips ended up being fun and productive. It was great to see old wetpixel friends again! All images can be found here: http://www.bluereefphoto.org/p495366572.
  5. Nice shots Tim! I really like TB25, TB63, HT 86, HT116, HT127, HT136, D 244, D247 and D272 as well as your blue heron bridge arrow crab shot. Alex's inadvertent modeling is quite stylish. He's even somewhat color matched. Maybe we'll get him some more impressionable colors next time around. Thanks for posting. Frank
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! Bahamian dolphins are definitely easier to get close to than the spinners here in Hawaii. Still hard to get head on though. I was huffin’ and puffin’ just to keep up when they were barely moving their tail. Really fun to photograph. And yes, the trapped fish are enjoying their freedom again. Cheers, Frank
  7. Finally finished my dolphin/shark gallery from the trip. http://www.bluereefphoto.org/p689195285. Again, the experience was unique and unforgettable. I like Jim's trips because my edited images always somehow turn out to be different than previous trips, despite mostly working with the same subjects in the same area. Enjoy the photos. Frank
  8. Cool report Alex! I really enjoyed this one even without Jim, the “shark whisperer”. The crew did a good job keeping everyone happy given the unusual summertime rain, winds and swell...and we had a good group of divers. The food was also quite tasty and with the help of Ed’s new outside camera table and the absence of Jim’s camera shop we actually had comfortable space for everyones gear! It is nice to be home and sleep without getting tossed out of bed... and enjoy the use of some truly clean towels The pics will take a while but here are a few favorites so far. One of the dolphin pods we ran into was really excited (physically!). The bottlenose bulls were just unrelentless. Fortunately, dolphins are smart and don’t molest humans otherwise I would have been... Will post a gallery when the edit process is complete. Cheers, Frank
  9. Subal C5 housing for canon 5D - $1,100 5D camera body - $1,000 Both in excellent condition. $2,000 for both. PM me. Frank
  10. Complete Subal underwater set up: Subal C30 housing Subal FP-FC60/3 manual focus port for 50 and 60 mm macro lenses 30D Canon body (recently cleaned/serviced by canon) w/ manual, battery, battery charger. 50 mm Sigma F2.8 EX DG Macro (1:1) Two YS-110 Sea & Sea Strobes, used once + two nikonos sync cords 4 gig extreme III card ultralight strobe arm package: 4x 6” strobe arms, 6x clamps, 2x ultralight base o-rings for housing, port and strobes Everything is in good condition and is all you need to get wet. $2,300 or obo. Also to be sold separately: *Two Ikelite DS-125 + battery pack. 3 years old (new $800, replaced with DS-160). Recently serviced and good condition - $900 for both *Subal FE-2 dome port. Good condition - $600 I accept PayPal. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Frank
  11. *Subal C30 for the Canon 30D with GS-Viewfinder (viewfinder alone retails for $1,400). Good condition - $1,400. *Two Ikelite DS-125 + battery pack. 3 years old (new $800, replaced with DS-160). Recently serviced and good condition - $900 for both *Two YS-110 Sea & Sea Strobes (new $550 each), used once + two nikonos sync cords (new $100 each) + o-rings - $650. *Subal FE-2 dome port (new $1,400). Good condition but has one small 3 mm scratch which is not visible in photos and does not interfere with focussing - $700 *Subal FP-FC60/3 focus port for nikkor 60 mm and 50 and 60 mm macro lenses (new $600). Like new - $200 *30D Canon body (good condition/recently cleaned/serviced by canon)- $300 *50 mm Sigma F2.8 EX DG Macro (1:1) (new $400). Good condition- $150 I would sell everything for $3,900 and can accept PayPal. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Frank
  12. *Subal C30 Housing w/ GS viewfinder *YS-110 Strobes (x2) with two chargers and 8 batteries *Nikonos sync cords (x2) *Subal flat port for 50 mm Sigma macro lens (or equivalent) w/ manual focus knob. *30D Canon body (recently cleaned/serviced by canon) includes 4GB flash card (Extreme III), charger, batteries (2x), camera strap, manual, box. *50 mm Sigma macro lens (1:1). This is a great lens for fish and close-up macro work *4x 5" arms, 2x ultralight-subal adapter, 2x ultralight-sea&sea adapter Everything is in very good condition. $3,100 This is a fully complete high-end underwater system. Ready for underwater use.
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