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  1. Hello,


    I've aquired a nasty scratch on the front of my Ikelite housing for a canon G9.

    If anyone is using the shortport with the wideangle lens and is no longer using the long port originally supplied with the housing, 'd be happy to buy it.

    Or if anyone has for some reason the short port that would also be fine!






    Hi Simon,


    I have both ports. Please email me at vinmail88@yahoo.com to discuss.





  2. Hello,


    I'm Vincent Wong from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. (Anyone coming to this part of the world can come look for me, I'll try to be a good guide, ok?) I started diving in Sept 2006. Took up UW photography early last year. Currently I'm using Canon A710IS in a Canon casing. I'm planning to get a strobe soon. Hope to get as much guidance here as possible as I'm fairly new in this.


    Cheers & Happy New Year!!


    p/s - how do I post pix in here? (would like to post some pix for comments) thanks

  3. Thanks, Tim. Your valuable advise and information is deeply appreciated.


    I'm actualy inclined to the Inon strobe but heard some contradicting comments on them. And of course commemts from some that prefers Ikelite & Sea&Sea. Let me just listen to a few more experts' opinion first before deciding.




  4. Hello guys,


    I'm considering to buy myself a strobe. I'm currently using a Canon A710IS. Initially I was considering the Inon D2000 or Sea&Sea YS90. However recently I was offered a Ikelite DS125 (which the owner said is better as compared to Inon D2000).


    I would really appreciate it if there is anyone here who can offer me some advise before I go on with my purchase.




  5. Hi PRC & TimG,


    Thanks a lot for the advise and information. And on your advise to defect to DSLR, I hold on to my camera just for the moment. I'm very new into photography. ( and I mean photography, not only UW photography). I'll just play with my existing toy for a little longer until I've garnered more experience in it before deciding my next choice of camera. Thanks anyway for your guidance.




    p/s - good luck, wingsy.

  6. Totally agrees with JBriggs.


    In fact, I think UW photographer has done more damage to the environment compared to other leisure divers. I'm one of the guilty party too as I'm still very new into UW photography but I'm trying very hard not to touch anything while shooting.






    p/s - I'm using the same camera as you, jeff. I wonder how many more out there who's using it as well?

  7. Sorry guys for bumping in. I've got a couple of related question too.


    1) I'm using a compact P&S camera without an external strobe. I've always use the Underwater/CLoudy setting on WB instead of auto. The colour will come out more vivid. Is this the correct setting or if there's any way about it?


    2) I was told if we are using strobe/s, we don't necesarily need to manually adjust the WB at whatever depth, just set it to auto. Is that true??

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