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  1. Oops, forgot the attachment. M
  2. Unfortunately, trying to enlarge beyond this one, doesn't improve the resolution. If it helps, the crab did appear to have bits of coral adhering to it's body, although drifting by and trying to photograph this guy didn't lend itself to a better shot at the time ! Monty <_<
  3. Thanks for the advice, I can certainly use it. This was my very first foray into underwater photography. M
  4. Comments? Recent trips to Cancun and Cozumel. Still much sand on the reefs, but it is being brought back to normal.
  5. Caught this little guy on a sponge off Cozumel on Palancar in 55 feet of water.
  6. First of all, I must say that finding this website was perhaps the single best aspect of starting to take pictures underwater! Thanks all for your great advice. I will contact Ikelite, and proceed accordingly. Thnaks again. Monty
  7. Rocha, I believe that the dome is the 5503.80 dome port. As far as I can tell, the camera doesn't do anyting at all when I press the lever. Above water, it is fine. When I was last at the pool, I could actually lift it out of the water, take a picture, and bring it underwater, and nothing at all happened. I did make a futile attempt to pre-set it at a manual focus distance, say 6 feet, and bring it down to see if that would function. I could not get a focused picture at any distance, even with a pre-set focus on the lens.
  8. Thankfully, I'm not quite novice enough not to try it above water. Yes, I have used the camera and lens above water, and it works just fine. If I put anything at all on the front of the lens, like a filter or what have you, it will hit the dome, so hopefully, I won't have to but a new port !! Monty
  9. I am using the Ikelite 6800, with the dome port as you surmised. I am trying to use the SIGMA 28mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL MACRO lens. Thanks again for your response. Monty
  10. I know I am probably missing something basic here, but I have just begun attempting to bring my photography underwater. I have a Nikon D100, SIGMA lens, Ikelite housing, UK lighting... I have attempted, in a controlled environment, to use this set-up, and I cannot get the camera to focus underwater. I have tried all three of the focusing modes for the Nikon, but none work. I am sure that someone here can hit in the head and make me see what I am missing! Thanks in advance !!! Monty
  11. Thanks for the information. You saved me untold hours of frustration I am sure !! mjleblanc
  12. Will my 24mm macro, which can focus to under a foot also require the diopter attachment? mjleblanc
  13. Dome port with fixed focal length wide angle SIGMA lens. I will give the focus switch a try. Thanks for the quick response ! I shall report back once I get to the pool again. Mjleblanc
  14. Great shots ! Being a neophyte at the DSLR and Ikelight approach, I have a really basic (I am sure) question...... I have tried to do the same thing, using my D100 with no strobe, but the shutter will not trip underwater. Above yes, but once in the water, nuttin. I know I am probably missing some very obvious points, but I don't know enough to be dangerous. Any help would be appreciated ! mjleblanc
  15. Ok, neophyte question I am sure..... I have the Nikon D100 and the new Ikelight housing. The housing and camera work splendidly......above water. I took the unit to our local, well lit, dive pool for testing purposes, sans strobe. There is ample light under water, in fact the light meter showed perfect exposure in Manual mode on the D100. The problem is, the shutter would not trip under water. Above water, no problem. Once under water, it would focus, seem to have the correct exposure, but no joy on the shutter release. Tried shutter priority, aperture priority, full manual, nada. HELP !!
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