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  1. Questions and ramblings based on my limited understanding of the topic. I just bought a 10D, 550EX flash, and a 24-70mm F2.8 Canon EF lens. Considering the lifespan of DSLR's seems to be a couple of years and the lenses work their way up and down the company's lineup should I be particularily worried about my housing? Considering the lens I bought cost as much as it. I have until mid January to return the thing. Personally I love the feel of it and enjoy the amazing quality I have gotton out of it thus far. The issue of housings from Ikelite not being available is a little disconcerting though. I just spoke with them today and now they are saying March if at all for housings. One other question I have is is there anyone with strong objections to the German UK housing with the additional housing or two for the 550EX? The specs of the EX seem a lot more versatile and powerful than a lot of underwater strobes. Again I know next to nothing and possibly less than that about the subject but it would be great to use something I already own vs buying new strobes and arms. I also figured that if one of the 550EX's was connected to the SL6 connector then other ones could be slaved off the wireless of the first one and make for a fairly slick system. Am I nuts? Thanks in advance.
  2. B) So far I have only owned my little Canon S230 with the Canon housing for it and used it in Mexico and at various sites here in Ontario, Canada. I now own an EOS 10D, a Speedlight 550EX flash and so far a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. I really enjoy taking natural light photos with lots of contrast and character. Looking forward to getting some of the faster wide angle lenses available for this thing. Just need a sugarmomma first. Any takers? Seriously though I am looking forward to learning a lot about underwater photography from all of you and I may have some pretty dumb questions. Until my next foolish question....
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