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  1. Ikelite d700 housing ( not been used since annual/updated case) 4 latches on ports Ikelite 60mm port $999 paypal only + shipping & insurance
  2. Canon Powershot G10, 14.7 mb, Digital Camera (like new condition) WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion lens #6430.4 Ikelite G10 Underwater Housing #6146.10 with Dual Handle and Tray Paypal First $600 takes it .Plus shipping ceescape@cox.net Photos on request
  3. Do you still have them? I am in the market it for them.
  4. I am looking for a monitor back for my Top Dawg II underwater housing - mine is kaput at least the mother board is. So, if anyone has one let me know. Thanks, Bill
  5. Hello, Do you still have the housing? monitor back? how much were you thinking?
  6. Nikon D200 Underwater photography outffit Nikon D200 pro camera Nikon battery Pack nNikon 28-200mm AF lens charger battery 2g CF memory card nikon D200 operators manual $750.00 Ikelite d200 Underwater Housing manuals original Box $665 Buy package: Nikon camera outfit + Ikelite case $1100 Paypal only Buyer pays shipping & Insurance
  7. Top Dawg• Housing + monitor Sony PC110 Camcorder + 2 batteries $500 Shipping and Insurance Paid by Buyer
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